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Topic: Novice question on adjusting attack....

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    Novice question on adjusting attack....

    Just wondering if someone could help a new user of Gigastudio....sometimes I\'ll load a patch where I just want to adjust the attack or release....is there an easy way to do this? I\'ve roamed around a bit in the editor but it\'s a bit daunting. Any quick way of doing this? Thanks....

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    Re: Novice question on adjusting attack....

    It\'s easy once you understand it, but tricky (ie easy to get it wrong...) You want to select env1 attack (env1 is amplitude, env2 is the filter env), there\'s a popup that lets you select which 1 parameter is displayed amongst the many you could adjust. Then the balls over each key will show the the env attack value, but don\'t forget that it\'s only displaying the value for the current dimension (if you understand the dimensions its easy to see which dimension is selected, but it\'s easy to forget to look). You probably want to select the full key range (all keys yellow) and there are tools to select how the parameter values move (ie proportional, in a line, etc) but don\'t forget that you are only adjusting the values for the current dimension, unless you lock down all the dimensions, in which case the changes are propegated thru to all of them. Don\'t forget to unlock them if you have other changes to make to individual cases, otherwise it\'s easy to trash values thru the dimensions.

    Hope that almost makes sense, like I said, it\'s easy but don\'t do it while you are sleepy or drunk!

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    Re: Novice question on adjusting attack....

    Is there a way to adjust envelope parameters with controller values?


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    Re: Novice question on adjusting attack....

    StudioJ, in the past (GSa) this wasn\'t exactly possible, I haven\'t reexamined the GSt editor to see if they added it. I don\'t think it\'s there, but they did add some new controller modulation destinations, like filter Q...

    You can sorta halfway get around it by mapping a dimension to a controller and having 4, 8 or whatever env values across this dimension; not quite the same thing and it really burns the limited dimension bits, but if you\'re ok with a limited amount and granularity of modulation it can work.

    It\'s too bad though, this is a really useful trick that I can do with a lot of my other gear, but GS comes up short here.

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    Re: Novice question on adjusting attack....

    Actually they \"sortof\", ut it in.

    You dont get full SEPERATE control of the ADSR in real time, but you CAN control it via CC changes. Its not the greatest, but since most people are only looking for \"attack\" control in realtime it works well for that. But if you want SEPERATE control for Release AND attack at the same time but with two different controlelrs you\'re out of luck. I could go into more dtail, but it jsut gets confusign unless you do the editing yourself.

    you have to assign the controller and pick which one in the EG Mod tab of the editor.

    I find it really useful to edit all my percussion libraries, and assign control to the decay or release so that the long decays dont eat up my poly and overlapping low end frequencies dont eat up the \"power\" of the mix.

    Its a relatively new feature and was added in 2.2 I believe. I\'m still waiting for full ADSR control, or atleast control over each part seperately....even jsut attack and release. SEPERATELY

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Novice question on adjusting attack....

    As of V2.2 the following were added to Gst (amongst other things):

    > Envelope Time Modulation for EG1 Amplitude and EG2 Filter, using an ext. controller, velocity, or channel aftertouch. Independent settings for Attack Decay and Release sections of each EG. Has a real time update feature which changes the envelope time continuously, not just at note-on. The function scales the time of each envelope segment starting with the normal segment setting as a basis, then increases this time dynamically based on the velocity or controller value.

    > Velocity curve scaling - apply a programmable scale factor to any of the 15
    existing velocity curves, giving effectively hundreds of additional velocity curves to choose from. Scale value=20=unity scaling. below 20= increased dynamic range, above 20=less dynamic range upward to saturation.

    > External controller volume threshold feature, lets you assign a minimum threshold to the external volume attenuation controller (such as aftertouch, etc.). Useful for volume crescendo and expressive dynamics. Similar in function to a threshold knob on a control/volume pedal, except that instruments can now be built hardwired with this functionality.

    > Added \"Inversion\" to external filter control (i.e. bi-directional).

    > Smoother dynamic filter response with external controllers, especially in the low filter cutoff frequencies, especially with relatively simple harmonic waveforms.

    > Improved filter LFO response.

    > Faster (more responsive) external control of filter resonance.

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    Re: Novice question on adjusting attack....

    For anyone interested, there\'s some very good step by step procedures posted in the Garritan Orchestral Strings forum, under \"1st & 2nd violin Sautille\" discussion. Totally related to your question, see part 2 of Tom\'s tutorial.

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    Re: Novice question on adjusting attack....

    Yow, Chadwick, you are right, I just fired up the 2.2 editor and tested it, it\'s there and it works fine, I just learned something...

    Like you said, you can\'t modulate attack and release independently, you get one controller for any combo of attack, decay, and release of amp env and one more for the same for filter env.

    With this you could actually often fake independent control, since you could conrol AENV attack, but have a moderate release, but kill the note with a modulated FENV release, or you could fake it up with envelope variations one a dimension.

    Hats off to Nemesys, they\'ve been quietly adding my most requested features, what a great proggie.

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