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Topic: Advice on muted brass samples

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    Advice on muted brass samples

    Hey everyone,

    Seems the poor muted brass instruments keep getting overlooked in current libraries. I was hoping WIVI would fill in the gap, but the "mutes" sound more like creative eq than actual mutes, IMHO. I love the sound of the VSL muted brass in the Special Edition, but am exploring my options before spending $1500 just for the muted brass in the DVD version of Brass 1.

    I ordered the Westgate Horns yesterday and am totally happy with Samplemodeling's trumpet, so that really leaves only trombones/bass trombones left, although if I could find some additional horn samples that would be great, too.

    So I guess the question is, do I just need to bite the bullet and get the full-blown VSL Brass? I have all the SAM stuff (sounds great but not enough mute samples) and EWQLSO (hardly use anymore, but the stopped horns sound AMAZING...if only they were true legato and longer than 4 seconds...and looped...and DXF-enabled...).

    If anyone can recommend other libraries with decent muted brass I would appreciate it. Looking mostly for legato and stacc with dynamic ranges (a la mod wheel to cres/decres manually).



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    Re: Advice on muted brass samples

    You could purchase the downloadable Brass from the Special Edition (with the extended library). Far less than $1500- I have these samples and love them. For basic use, they can't be beat.


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    Re: Advice on muted brass samples

    Check out Chris Hein Horns (vol 3 - muted brass)


    I have the first two volumes and they sound great!

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    Re: Advice on muted brass samples

    Mark - An excellent suggestion that I had already tried and simply forgot to mention... The trombones definitely sound great. What is it about VSL and the SOUND? Their stuff always has the perfect timbre! If they included stopped horns in the downloads I would buy them in a heartbeat. Alas...

    mojamusic - thanks for the CHH recommendation. I'll check it out right now!


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    Re: Advice on muted brass samples

    It's not in the individual downloads, it's in the SE brass group with the extended downloads. So 265 euros for the download, but worth it IMHO.



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