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Topic: How aggressive are the AG patches?

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    How aggressive are the AG patches?

    I've been thinking about picking up GPO4 to do some strings on a few of my pop/rock tunes. I really love the string sounds on Beatles records like Eleanor Rigby and I Am The Walrus - very gritty and dry. So I read through the user guide for GPO4 and saw that there are some more aggressive patches and I was wondering how gritty can it get.


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    Re: How aggressive are the AG patches?

    With CC#16 up to the skies, together with a fair amount of velocity.


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    Re: How aggressive are the AG patches?

    Hiya, WindowSills - I saw your question earlier, and with the small window of opportunity I had this morning, put together a very short Beatles-style string clip for you.

    This has the Ag 1st strings, Ag Violas, Ag Cellos - all doubled with solo strings for each section, plus one solo bass.

    I used the tools in Aria - the mixer, EQ, stereo stage, Ambience reverb. Since you said you liked the dry sound on The Beatles records, I used a Jazz Club (small room), editing it to be a smaller room than default, and was sparing in the amount of signal I sent to the reverb from the instruments.

    Quasi-Beatles-style strings in GPO4

    This is not an officially sanctioned demo - I wanted to try demoing what you asked for, but this MP3 should not be thought of as the final word on the question, or the best possible audio answer. I hope posting this doesn't rock the boat for Gary and his hard working team.


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    Re: How aggressive are the AG patches?

    Thanks guys. I'll probably buy it and mess around with it this weekend.

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