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Topic: Passing of a Giant - Les Paul

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    Passing of a Giant - Les Paul

    Hello Community,

    I don't know if you heard, but Les Paul of guitar reknown has passed away at age 94. We have lost a real pioneer.

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    Re: Passing of a Giant - Les Paul

    The old man and his guitar. What an age!! An what a wonderful life. I still have a recording of him with Mary ..... on cassette.


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    Re: Passing of a Giant - Les Paul

    Yes, Les Paul is one of the great musical inventor/innovators... Was the first to use multi track recordings, created a guitar that appealed to a lot of people... Those 2 things alone changed music as we know it...

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    Re: Passing of a Giant - Les Paul

    Hey Bill and everyone!

    Yes, Les was a giant in the music world.

    Those of us who have home studios and do our 21st-century version of multi-track recording should have a picture of him on our walls. We all owe him an enormous debt. And if you play electric guitar, well ...

    There was a PBS documentary about him a few years ago and the thing you walked away with was that not only was this guy a master creator and musician, but that he enjoyed every decade of his amazing journey ... right up into his 90's! That's a lesson for all of us.

    When I learned of his death just a short while ago, I sat down and played a few measures of "High High The Moon" ... suggest you all do the same!

    On the news tonight they mentioned at the R & R Hall of Fame, RIP means Rock In Peace. So God Bless you Les, and thanks for the legacy ... we are all better musicians for it ... RIP!

    Regards to all,


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