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Topic: GPO 4 install crashing Finale 2009

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    solved-Never mind.

    I'm running Finale 2009 on a Mac and have recently downloaded Garritan Personal Orchestra 4. After installing, I checked that the file gpo4fullinstrument.txt was in the Finale AU folder and registered the download.

    However, when I attempted to play back a score within Finale 2009, the program closed, displaying an error message explaining that Finale 2009 has closed unexpectedly. I didn't have problems with the Garritan sounds packaged with Finale, and the program only started crashing after I downloaded GPO 4. Thus, I am led to believe that Finale is crashing due to an issue with Garritan.

    I have no experience with GPO 4, so any help would be appreciated. In advance, thanks!
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    Re: GPO 4 install crashing Finale 2009

    after multiple installs and deletes of Finale and GPO 4 off of my iMac, I can now run Finale without it crashing. Being new here, I could not figure out how to delete my post.

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