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Topic: Help with upgrade:

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    Help with upgrade:

    I have been a user of garritan products since GOS was first released. I have attempted to upgrade to GPO4 but none of my serial numbers are accepted. I must not be entering the right number and I'm obviously doing something wrong. I have entered the Serial numbers in the case of GPO, JABB, The Strad and Gofriller Cello and all of them were turned down. I also tried all of the numbers that I wrote down as registration information at other times. Nothing seems to work.

    What serial number is being looked for.


    David Mauney

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    Re: Help with upgrade:

    Are you typing in all the dashes between the groups of numbers? I know a lot of people had trouble because they weren't.

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    Re: Help with upgrade:

    If anyone is having serial number problems when upgrading please email support

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