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Topic: Compression/Drum Samples

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    Compression/Drum Samples

    Hello all,
    Could someone please help me with an problem im trying to solve. Im desperately trying to get a very authentic \"compressed\" analog tape sound for my drums. My ideal sound is any track off Revolver or Sgt. Pepper\'s...a very hyper compressed Ringo Star sound. Does anyone know of compression plug-ins or analog tape plug-ins that will get me this sound? Im a complete novice when it comes to recording & processing...so any help shall be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Compression/Drum Samples

    You\'ll have to capture the audio from giga to an audio track in your sequencer to add the compression since there is no compressor plug ins for giga at this time. You should also seperate each drum in it\'s own channel. snare, bass, toms, cymbals. What sequencer are you using? Some come with compression plug ins.

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    Re: Compression/Drum Samples

    Sonic Foundry\'s Acoustic Modelor has a tape \"odel\" that works good...sometimes...

    for compression, the waves bundle will give you a good compressor and limiter.

    You will want to get some room/overhead sound for getting that \"lucy in the sky\" sound. then compress it really heavily with a short attack and a not so fast but not too slow release.

    Of course EQ plays a big prt as well, there is a lot of chain soundon the snare, you might wnat to track teh same snare twice, pitched up and down a few semitones, this way you can EQ one for the snare chain sound, and one for the resonance.

    Then of course, pan the suckker to the left

    I\'m not a total Beatlemaniac ... in fact I dont own one album....I think I have to change that...but anyhow, you might want to look into resources of hwo the recordings/icing was done and try and mimic it with EQ/reverbs/compressionplug ins

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Compression/Drum Samples

    thanks for the info guys....are there any cd\'s out right now that you would recommend to capture the sound of those old Ludwig kits??? i am gonna post an mp3 of the sound of trying to describe...maybe that will help you...

    thanks again
    J.P. Schwinghamer

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    Re: Compression/Drum Samples

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KingIdiot:
    Sonic Foundry\'s Acoustic Modelor has a tape \"odel\" that works good...

    Glad you like it!! I\'m sitting here looking at the very tape deck used to produce it (my Tascam 32).

    Be sure to use compression along with the tape model for best results. Also there is a radical tape model in there (I think in the FX folder, you\'ll see my credit on it). It\'s not called \"tape,\" I forget what they called it, but I made that one by overloading the snot out of a 1950s vintage Voice of Music reel to reel.

    Another tip: Isotope\'s FREE Vinyl Plugin. Great for grunging up drums, really fantastic and worthy of a $100 price tag easily. Free. Did I say, free? Will add dust, scratches, warps, wear, mechanical noise, electrical noise in any combination. Yeah.

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    Re: Compression/Drum Samples

    Yah I see your credit on that sucker everytime I use it

    there is a nice roundness I gt from throwing Bass Guitar through it. It actually grunges tings up sometimes...and I tend to like that

    There are ties where I lose too much high end and the low mids become muddled tho....which is why I sy \"sometimes\" but then there is EQ and harmonic \"exciters\" to bring back the \"air\" even the old BBE helps

    Really...I am an Idiot

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