I\'ve had it for a few days but haven\'t had a chance to even put it on the hard drive. After much needed rewiring of the studio yesterday I needed to get some work done,..so of course I figure \"one liast thing...put the stuff on the hard drive\"... of course I had to try it out. I haven\'t gotten through allt he instruments so far but I do like the trumpets and Bones. Of course Layered with QLB like Jamieh did jsut blows me away. It had me tweaking and not working tho :P
I built some filters into the Trumpetensembles and reqorked the Crossfades and now have a really nice crossfading ensemble instrument. tho layered with QLB and using both the P AND f ensembles of Dan Dean it takes about 20 Notes poly per note...but it sounds DAMN good.

Wit some MAJOR Reverb and tweaking on the FHorns I was able to get CLOSE to a good ensemble sound. s still gonna take some band rejection filters and maybe EQ tweaking in the sample to find somethign I\'m really happy with. Tho its really close...

I have to sa I like this library alot more than DD SW so far. While there is alot in SW. I didnt find all that much \"character\" in teh samples/instruments. However I found some nice sounds in this library and can see it inspiring me a bit.....and hogging up Poly :P

Really...I am an Idiot