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Topic: GPO and Garageband ver 5 ilife 09

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    Exclamation GPO and Garageband ver 5 ilife 09

    I am using an apple macbook. I have just purchased GPO to be able to use more credible software instruments within garageband arrangements. The ARIA player will load the GPO sounds and playback, and, as a standalone unit, will playback midi files. However, I want to playback the midi files imported to garageband and edit the track sounds. Despite loading the software instrument from GPO and being able to hear the instrument in garageband on the musical typing and piano roll, I cannot playback midi files that are dragged and dropped into the 'song'....Is it not possible on Aria player? I haven't had any luck with Kontakt player either....what advice can someone give? It would be appreciated greatly
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    Re: GPO and Garageband ver 5 ilife 09

    Welcome to the Garritan forum!

    The trouble you are having is one of the unfortunate problems with GarageBand, and that is the inability to assign tracks numbers. The MIDI you are dragging in to GarageBand has track number assignments and GarageBand works primarily on track #1.

    I cannot remember what I did to solve this problem, but I think it was like this. I have a copy of Quicktime 6, which has the ability to work with MIDI tracks (lost in QT7). In the menu item "Get Movie Properties>Music Track>Instruments" I can choose an instrument, then change the track number to 1 or "not assigned". I then export as a MIDI file and import THAT into GarageBand.

    Sorry I could not be of more help to you on this. Write Apple Feedback and ask them to allow track assignment in GarageBand.
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