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Topic: FYI to Finale 2009 users

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    FYI to Finale 2009 users

    I just installed update C which has "expanded support for Aria based Garritan sound libraries". What that specifically means I don't know. I also haven't played with it enough to tell if it makes playback better or worse.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: FYI to Finale 2009 users

    Thanks for posting, Steve! Hopefully MakeMusic has fixed some of the keyswitching issues transitioning from KP2 to Aria, but either way, an update isn't really bad news...
    Maybe I should have come up with a more original username.
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    Re: FYI to Finale 2009 users


    What that does is makes GPO4 seamlessly integrated with Finale 2009 (like it is with 2010) so it works with markings, human playback, instrument setup, etc.

    MakeMusic is to be commended and thanked for making a late 2009 upgrade happen for GPO4, especially after releasing 2010.



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    Re: FYI to Finale 2009 users

    Wow Gary,

    That's great news!
    Best Regards,

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