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Topic: Do VST bass modules need virtual amps?

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    Question Do VST bass modules need virtual amps?

    Do the older "electric" bass VST's that are out there like; Trilogy Bass, Chris Hein Bass, etc. work well out of the box in a mix, or do you need to use an additional "virtual amp" plugin, like say, Amplitube 2 or any number of bass amp plugins available to get the best result?


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    Re: Do VST bass modules need virtual amps?

    they work fine out of the box, you can process them afterwards using any plugin, but generally the sound is good enough as it stands
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    Re: Do VST bass modules need virtual amps?

    Yes, most times they work well out of the box, and no, quite often an amp plug-in is not required. On the other hand, you can really alter the sound of a bass in many positive and interesting ways with plug-ins like Amplitube and Guitar Rig, so you can then get more varied sounds out of just one bass. Look at them as complimenting the bass plug-ins and not as a necessity. As soon as you run a bass or guitar plug-in through one of the amp plug-ins, you'll understand what I mean......playz
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