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Topic: Mouse wheel "menu scroll" within plugins?

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    Mouse wheel "menu scroll" within plugins?

    When I run Omnisphere through "Savihost" (making it essentially a standalone) my mouse wheel scrolls the Omnisphere menus just fine, yet when I run Omnisphere as a plugin within Sonar the mouse wheel won't scroll in Omnisphere.

    I have some Kontakt Player instruments and the Kontakt Player has a "capture mouse from host" option which allows the mouse to scroll both the Kontakt Player and Sonar. Unlike the Kontakt Player, I can't find anything in Omnisphere that will "capture the mouse".

    All I have left to do is to "drag" the preset menu bars when Omnisphere is run as a plugin within Sonar and by doing this it skips over entire chunks of presets because it is not a smooth continuous scroll.

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    Re: Mouse wheel "menu scroll" within plugins?

    Only Sonar seems to have this problem, all other hosts currently work OK with Omnisphere mouse scrolling.

    For Sonar/Omnisphere users, this issue will be addressed in a future update to Omnisphere that'll be available in October.

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    Re: Mouse wheel "menu scroll" within plugins?

    Thank you! - - - but also, no scroll in Forte Ensemble for me ... along with Sonar.

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