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Topic: A Short Thank you... Just for Gary

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    Talking A Short Thank you... Just for Gary

    Just to express my gratitude for all things Garritan and the amazing uniqueness Gary has bestowed upon us...

    Thank you Gary for all the beautiful sounds, My passion has become such a joy since i purchased JABB a year ago....
    I still use it everyday and i will continue doing so!

    I congratulate you on GPO4 and it's amazingness...(from what Ive heard it rocks my socks off!) and congratulations on this community you have formed, for without it i would never have enjoyed making music as much as i do now!!

    You are truly a star!

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    Re: A Short Thank you... Just for Gary


    Thanks so much for your post and kind words.

    It's feedback like yours that makes it all the more worthwhile. And, of course, the credit goes to the development team.

    I like that graphic and that would make a nice T-shirt lol But I think most people in the forum rule.

    Garritan rules... let's see...

    Rule No. 1 - Never announce release dates despite best intentions.

    Rule No. 2 - See Rule No. 1

    Thanks again and glad you are liking GPO4.

    All the best,


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