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Topic: Creating a pure pulsating drone in Omnisphere?

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    Creating a pure pulsating drone in Omnisphere?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm having a hard time creating a pure pulsating bass drone. I'm looking to create a sound similar to the Omnisphere sound source "Pulsation," but have the ability to modulate the frequency of the pulsation (i.e. slowly make it pulse faster over long periods of time, independent of the pitch being played).

    I'm a newb when it comes to this kind of sound design, so any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I have TONS of tools available (fabfilter, camel space, Logic effects/instruments, omnisphere, etc) so I should have the means. I just dont have the knowledge on HOW to go about achieving a pure pulsating drone.

    Thank you in advance for your help and reply. I truly appreciate any advice you can offer, as right now I feel like I'm throwing darts in the dark praying I'll magically hit the target!

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    Re: Creating a pure pulsating drone in Omnisphere?

    that should be pretty easy to do...in omnisphere, start with a non-pulsing bass sound you like. in the edit window's modulation section, select an LFO as the source and amplitude as the target. the rate button for the LFO will change the speed of the pulsing, and the depth knob changes how intense the pulse is. the concept of controlling volume with an LFO will translate to any synth with an even rudimentary modulation matrix.

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