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Topic: GPO4 audio installation problem only on one computer

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    GPO4 audio installation problem only on one computer

    When using WinZip or WinRar for GPO4 I was unable to get the audio samples to load, getting an error message during the installation process that said both applications could not find the compressed samples. Both did extract a samples folder that had .data files in it, which I guess might be the compressed sample folder in question. Tony suggested the problem might be a corrupted download.

    After 2 more downloads, to make sure I didn’t get a corrupted file, I still ran across the same problem, with both zip extractors. So, I decided to try my other computer. While this computer is too weak to use GPO4, it extracted all the files without a problem. I then copied the audio samples folders over to the program on my other computer, and so far, this seems to be working fine.

    When trying a notation program, and another zipped program, I recall I had the same problem of not being able to properly extract audio files on this particular computer. Any of you computer savvy forum members have an explanation for this audio extraction problem? Using WindowsXP Home Edition and McAfee security suite on both computers, with no other programs running during setup. Main difference is Core2 Duo processor on the problem computer.
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    Re: GPO4 audio installation problem only on one computer

    Hi, Dominick - "...McAfee security suite..." And of course you temporarily exit that program before you run the extraction, right?


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    Re: GPO4 audio installation problem only on one computer

    I don't think the issue will have much to do with McAfee, so long as the extraction programs are OK'd by the McAfee permissions. I'd leave McAfee on if the machine is connected to the Internet.

    What is the location that you are unzipping the files to? Desktop? Root? Program Files? Perhaps there's an administrator permissions/virtualization issue going on. Are you using an administrator-level account?

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    Re: GPO4 audio installation problem only on one computer

    Hi, Reegs - Thanks for your post. I guess I'm overly cautious--I always follow that oft-repeated advice to turn off protection programs during an install. So far I've never had any problems--Offered that as a possible problem in Dominick's install.

    But I definitely defer to your technical expertise - I freely admit it's way beyond mine. That's why it's great you're here on this thread. Maybe you can help Dominick straighten out his problems.


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    Re: GPO4 audio installation problem only on one computer


    In our experience, getting corruption in decompressing zip/rar files is often symptomatic of some system problem. Could be the cache, ram, motherboard, IDE Driver, hard drive or any combination thereof.

    Decompressing a huge zip file and MD5 checking them for consistency is a major sustained effort on CPU and ram. Its a benchmark in itself if you will. If a PC system has an error once in a million, then its normal that some heavy decompression tend to spot those problems.

    I would suggest running MEMTEST86 all night on that machine for the most obvious signs of ram/cache problems. http://www.memtest86.com/

    But it might be the IDE driver which misses a few bytes of info in copying (i have an NFORCE4 (AMD) mobo that has that tendency sometimes)
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