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Topic: Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import

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    Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import

    Has anyone tried to import the Scarbee J-Slap Bass library into Steinberg HALion? I imported the Gigapiano and Sonic Implants Drums no problem. When I tried J-Slap, it wouldn\'t even open the folder that the .gig files are in. It just froze my machine and I had to reboot. This happened each time I attempted to import the library. By the way, I\'m importing the .gig files from my hard drive so as to avoid any file compression issues and the like.

    Any ideas what HALion\'s problem with this specific library might be?

    Thanks for any insight in advance.

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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import

    Curious, why would any Gigastudio user want to run Halion?

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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import

    Ah, glad you asked, Munsie.

    First, I was running Gigasampler 64, not Gigastudio. Here was my full Giga experience (I\'ll try to be as brief as I can):

    My initial intention was to find a product that could realistically emulate drums and bass. I was originally looking at things like the Alesis DM Pro or DM5 drum rack modules and a couple of other bass units. Then, I spoke to a \"sales consultant\" who recommended Gigasampler after hearing that I was working in a DAW environment. I checked out Gigasampler on the Nemesys web site, listened to the demos and checked out the sample libraries that were available. Very impressive on all accounts. So I ordered a copy of Gigasampler 64 and began sample library shopping. I got Gigasampler 64 rather than Gigastudio because I don\'t need more than 64 voices for doing drums and bass and I don\'t need the effects as I\'d prefer to record dry and add effects in Cubase on mixdown.

    I got the software and immediately tried to work with it. Well, one thing that the sales consultant didn\'t tell me that getting this software to work along side a program like Cubase on the same computer is a real pain in the butt! I read many posts on this forum and posted several questions to which many of you nice people helped me with. Thank you to those who contributed. I acknowledge now that Giga works much better when it is installed on another machine. The sales consultant never mentioned that this would be the case, and neither did Nemesys. I really didn\'t want to spend that much on a solution that initially was budgeted at about $500 to get some drums and bass. I figured $250 for the software and another $200-$300 in samples and I\'d be rolling.

    Finally, after purchasing a second sound card (I was using an M-Audio Delta66 and then added an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 dedicated to Giga), I got Cubase and Gigasampler talking. Unfortunately, I also found out that Gigasampler doesn\'t support exclusive key groups (or choke groups, as they\'re often called). I found this to be very disappointing, especially since Nemesys doesn\'t really point this out as a difference between GStudio and GSampler. What\'s more frustrating with this is that the checkbox for this feature is in GSampler, it just doesn\'t work when you play it! How lame is that! Anyway, no biggie. I figured if I got Gigasampler working smoothly with the new sound card, I\'d upgrade to Gigastudio 96 to solve the exclusive keygroup issue and get the effects and more polyphony to boot in case I ever needed it. Then, the issue described next reared its ugly head.

    When I have Giga installed on my system, my computer freezes on a blue screen error on shutdown. This happens whether I was using during the session Giga or not. Just having it installed causes this issue. In case you are wondering, the system specs when I was using Giga were:

    - Dell Dimension 4100 PIII 733 MHz
    - 512 MB of RAM
    - 10GB EIDE ATA100 boot drive
    - Adaptec SCSI interface
    - Two Seagate 18GB Ultra SCSI drives (one for audio and one for samples)
    - Sony CD-RW drive
    - ZIP 100
    - M-Audio Delta66 Omni I/O package (Cubase)
    - M-Audio Audiophile 2496 (Giga)
    - Windows 98 (98Lite micro install)
    - Cubase Producer Pac (VST/32 5.0r6 and Wavelab 3.0)
    - Gigasampler 64 1.62 (tried 1.64 as well)
    - Normal and widely accepted techniques for DAW system optimization were implemented

    Well, this was the last straw for me. I didn\'t want to risk spending the money on GStudio 96 and then have that not work for me either. I imagine that Gigastudio would actually cause me more trouble since it\'s likely a bigger, more CPU/RAM intensive program and, therefore, would behave even less nicely sharing a system with Cubase VST.

    Therefore, I\'ve sold my Audiophile 2496 card and I will be putting Gigasampler up for sale very soon as well. I\'ve purchased HALion, which integrates perfectly within Cubase and, with the exception of the J-Slap library, has imported my Giga libraries very smoothly. I am holding out hope that I will figure out how to import this library as well, though.

    I have to say that for people who are using Cubase VST and don\'t want to buy another computer for their sampler, HALion is the way to go. It integrates perfectly into the Cubase environment, has sample accurate timing and imports a number of sample formats. You can run up to eight of them at a time with up to 16 instruments in each and you get up to 256 note polyphony (if your system is worthy, of course). There are other, less-expensive, VST samplers available as well (VSampler, EMU, Sampletank, etc.), but HALion is the only one that will import my Giga libraries, which is important to me.

    Don\'t get me wrong, HALion has its issues as well. But it is still in the version one stage and its pretty good for a version 1 product. I, in no way, am saying that Giga is not a good product. It is revolutionary and many people are getting fantastic results with it. Most (not all) of them seem to be professionals composers who have dedicated machines to it and made it a pillar of their studio setup. I do feel that Nemesys (now TASCAM) could be more forthcoming with setting expectations for the performance of the software on systems that aren\'t dedicated to Giga. I also think that they should correct the exclusive keygroup problem in Gigasampler or let people know that this feature doesn\'t work. I\'m a home studio hobbyist and I just didn\'t want to spend the cash on another computer (neither did my wife!) and I don\'t want to spend more time tracking down problems with Giga in my system. So, I\'m cutting my losses, selling that which has not worked for me, and have bought that which hopefully will.

    Sorry to go on so long, Munsie, but you asked! I\'m sure that you and many others will have a defensive retort to this saying how much of a mistake it is to go with HALion instead of Giga, but this isn\'t intended to start a flame war between these two products. I think both products are great. I\'m not a professional, at least not at this point, so whether Giga is better overall when it\'s installed on a dedicated PC is not an issue to me. I just want a sampler that will provided reasonable power and integrate well into my VST system at an inexpensive price. I feel that HALion will do that better than Giga will for me.

    That\'s the reason, Munsie. Now, does anyone have any tips on importing this Scarbee J-Slap library into HALion? Someone on the Cubase forum suggested putting each .gig file in it\'s own directory to figure out which one might be causing the problem. Gonna go try this now. Any tips would really be helpful. I\'d hate to have wasted $150 on this library and not be able to use it. It\'s an awesome library, as are many of the Giga libraries!

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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import

    Yes, I was able to successfully import the Gigapiano. No problems. I\'ve heard some people say that importing Gigapiano takes them hours (I think this was mostly Mac users). My system did it in under 10 minutes.

    Also, I just learned that ChickenSys intends to put out a Giga->HALion convertor as part of their Translator product. This will hopefully be more robust and complete than the HALion Giga import. No release date has been set for this yet, according to ChickenSys support.

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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import

    Thanks. So, how HALion sounds on the gigapiano compared to gigastudio? Which one is better? what kind of polyphony can be reached on the HALion? 240 is possible for 1Ghz@1Gb system?
    BTW, though you don\'t own the Gigastudio160, right?

    [This message has been edited by LHong (edited 10-08-2001).]

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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import


    Ah, ok, I recall your other post about not being able to get Giga up and running. I am not a professional composer, I do pop/rock and even a little drum and bass myself. I use Giga for 95% of my instruments.

    For what it\'s worth, a sound card like the Aardvark LX 6 and a fresh install of \"Windows 98 2nd Edition\" probably would have fixed your Giga problems.

    Halion does indeed sound interesting, but it won\'t be too exciting until they release a stand alone version with more poly.

    And yes, that whole Gigasampler problem with the choking would have burned me out pretty quickly as well. Too bad....

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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import

    Just other question, you just don\'t like giga program but you really wanted the giga-sample library, right? Don\'t you think the Giga sample would sounds better on the giga-studio-station program?

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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import

    Yeah, I had just hit my wall, Munsie. I actually got it up and running just fine after I got the second sound card. It was great...then the blue screen of death shutdown problem started. Once I uninstalled Giga, this went away. That was it for me.

    I did fresh installs of Windows 98se and all of my software several times and the problem persisted. No help from Nemesys/TASCAM.

    I don\'t know if you\'ll see a standalone version of HALion. It\'s entirely a VSTi thing at this time. I\'ve read several posts from people who are running it on separate computers using Cubasis VST or Cubase VST as a host program for it. So far as poly goes, it\'ll do up to 256 voices, system resources permitting, which is more than Giga160, and you can run up to 8 HALion instances in Cubase VST, each with up to 16 instruments and 256 voices, theoretically, again system resources permitting. So I don\'t know how much poly you\'re looking for, but...

    Yeah, I wish Giga had worked for me, but enough\'s enough. HALion is custom taylored for Cubase anyway, so I\'m happier this way (except for having spent the money on Giga).


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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Munsie:

    For what it\'s worth, a sound card like the Aardvark LX 6 and a fresh install of \"Windows 98 2nd Edition\" probably would have fixed your Giga problems.


    I use the Audiophile 2496 on a single system (with a separate hard drive). I haven\'t had a single crash and I get 160 voices, no pops, no problems (I use Win 98SE, 768MB RAM, , ATHLON 900, ASUS VIA KT-133). I don\'t think the sound card or the fact that it\'s on a single system is the problem. I suspect it\'s simply getting it to work with sequencing software.

    I also run all of my other stuff on the same computer: DSL and a stack of programs (but no sequencer).

    Just thought I\'d mention it in case anyone is looking at the audiophile. It works for me.

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    Re: Scarbee J-Slap Bass HALion Import

    To be honest, LHong, I think HALion sounds great! And it supports alot of different sample formats. It\'s capable of high polyphony and I can run mutiple instances of HALion in Cubase. I personally think the HALion editor is MUCH easier to use than Giga\'s as well. So I don\'t feel like I\'m losing anything by switching from Giga to HALion. I feel like I am gaining a great deal of integration with Cubase, which is what I really like about HALion.

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