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Topic: Looking for specific synthsounds!

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    Looking for specific synthsounds!


    i'm looking for this type of sounds, please check the melodies from these songs, how can i create such sounds or find them in atmosphere/omnisphere, hypersonic2, absynth?




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    Re: Looking for specific synthsounds!

    Just in case this helps at all, I saw a very interesting advert for a service that actually creates custom synth sounds for you. You give them the music, and they attempt to create the sound for you. I forget the name of the company but I think the ad was on the KVR Audio web site. (not 100% sure)


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    Re: Looking for specific synthsounds!

    DSynth is a power tool combined with a collection of unique and awe-inspiring synthetic sounds and instruments. With very little mechanical effort, the composer can quickly create full arrangements of music in almost any genre. From electronic dance to ambient film score, your sonic vision can effortlessly be made into reality.

    Category of Sound
    DSynth is divided into nine categories of sounds and are color coded. The category names will normally emphasize the way a patch sounds, rather than how it was created.

    Sounds similar to what you would find in classic analog subtractive synthesizers.

    Sounds that sound like more modern digital synthesizers such as FM, AM, PD, Ring Modulation, Additive, Granular, and Formant types of samples and synthesis.

    Sounds are a combination of analog and digital.

    Simulated or sampled natural sounds that normally emulate a setting – such as a forest or a battle field. Some of these are more musical rather than just sound effects.

    Sounds very much like (or is, in fact) a sampled instrument.

    Evolving textures that use any or all methods.

    IES – (Impulse Excitation Synthesis)
    A type of synthesis that uses impulse response technology as part of the sound itself, rather than being used just an effect.

    SFX – Sound Effect
    Sounds that do not necessarily correspond to key or pitch.

    Both real (sampled) and synthetic drum and percussion sounds.

    DTools is an exciting and user-friendly feature that includes templates for quickly building your own DSynth patches.

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Looking for specific synthsounds!

    You can create all kinds of synth sounds from scratch using Omnisphere's powerful engine. I would highly suggest looking at Spectrasonic's tutorials that they have on their website to see how you can make use of all of the powerful features. This will help you better understand how to get the sound you are looking for.
    Austin Haynes
    Sales and Technical Support

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