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Topic: MBBS In Ukraine

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    MBBS In Ukraine

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    Join the world recognized MBBS program in Ukraine.

    You can now earn your MBBS degree at an expense less than 30% by doing it in one of the most reputed universities in Ukraine with world class accreditation.
    50% Aggregate In Physics, Chemistry & Biology
    30% Cheaper
    World Class Standards
    Medical University Listed With International Medical Education Directory (IMED).
    Logovenko Street,
    Ukraine - 16600

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    Warning! This have infected loads of forums around the Globe today!

    If this is the cheapest way to become a doctor... who would dare to be a patient! Just for fun take a look at the website... I guess the purpose is to produce doctors!

    I look at their management on the pages of who we are! Four young sweet chicks with a dresscode that rather drag me into visions of trafficking than serious medical science. (Well, I admit I am being prejudiced now but what the bleep, they asked for it.)

    Another funny thing is the guy on the PR-Video that actually blow me away with lack of old eastern states "Im forced to say this things to not end up in prison". How in Gods name could he now anything at all about the other universities and which is the best faculty? If this would have been a car boot sale campaign his words would have fitted in better bur in a science environment I guess not!

    I have to salute their taste connected to the design of their website anyway. Moslty because the sound connected to the icons on that webpage boost almost any lover of nostalgia from the era when the first digitalized flipper games was introduced in the 70´s.

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    Re: MBBS In Ukraine

    Can i get a Ukrainian women with that?

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