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Topic: Dynamics or Mixer?

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    Dynamics or Mixer?

    When you're writing for the purpose of playback (as in you're not writing to distribute parts for performance)....do you use the audio mixer in your notation program or notated dynamics (or a mix of both?)?

    I find that the ability to use the mixer in conjunction with dynamics allows for more timbre variety at different dynamics....for instance...I can have the timbre of a ff trumpet played back at a quiet volume.

    The new Notion3 mixer has opened a whole new world for me as far as being able to vary timbre and volume that I wasn't able to achieve before.....

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    Re: Dynamics or Mixer?

    Is there mixer automation in N3?

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    Re: Dynamics or Mixer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kleven View Post
    Is there mixer automation in N3?
    Unfortunately no.....it's certainly something in discussion, but for the initial release there will not be mixer automation. (it's definitely something I'm lobbying for)

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