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Topic: GPO4 Bug?

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    GPO4 Bug?

    I've loaded an ensemble file from the presets installed by the software.
    I've loaded an 11 piece ensemble and 11 mixer faders raised to some level. Then I loaded a 4 piece ensemble and the 11 mixer faders are still up with the first 4 assigned to the 4 instruments loaded while the other 7 are just there and not lowered to minimum.
    Has anyone experienced this?

    Regards fellow GPOs.
    Q6600 Quad Core 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, E-MU 1616m audio interface, Cubase Studio 4.1.2, Windows XP Pro sp.3, Omnisphere, Atmosphere, Addictive Drums, Amplitube 2 + Jimi Hendrix, Monstrous

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    Re: GPO4 Bug?

    Hello again, Yairhol - I'm wanting to be CAUtious, since I temporarily led you astray earlier today with your question about AL and the Length control--glad that was straightened out!

    THIS I can definitely confirm--Yessir, that's what happens, just ran a test in Sonar. One ensemble set will be loaded in Aria, then when its replaced with a different ensemble, if there are fewer instruments in the second set - the left over faders remain where they were.

    ---But it doesn't matter. -


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