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Topic: GPO missing plugins with Cubase Studio 5

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    GPO missing plugins with Cubase Studio 5

    I just purchased Cubase Studio 5 after being "away" from composing for a few years. After installing and registering it on my Intel Mac running Leopard I tried to upload my old Cubase SX projects but when I do the plugins are not found. I get errors such as:

    The plug-in "PersonalOrchestra" could not be found for VST Synth "1"!

    The plugins are installed and registered and I can easily open a new instance of either GPO no problem. I've no idea why Cubase Studio 5 can't detect that the old project files are referring to the exact same GPO I have installed! They appear in my VST instruments window as:

    !!! PersonalOrchestra !!!

    I can then open a new instance of GPO which appears as


    and works just fine.....really confusing. I'm aware there is a problem with some Kompakt players on Intel Macs but I really DO NOT think this is what is causing the problem here.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: GPO missing plugins with Cubase Studio 5

    I eventually found the solution. The project files are simply too old for Cubase Studio 5 to successfully open. The solution is here in case anyone finds this thread in google: http://www.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=99836

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    Re: GPO missing plugins with Cubase Studio 5

    That's a very important find you made, Hasen. The post you linked to says that as of Cubase 4, older VST based projects can no longer be opened in Cubase - ! - But they have that utility for users to download which will do a conversion for them - Extremely important for Cubase users to know, that's why I've briefly explained things to readers of this thread. Glad you're set to go now.


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