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Topic: Low volume of Garritan sounds in Finale 2009

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    Question Low volume of Garritan sounds in Finale 2009

    thanks I can ask here.

    I'm using Finale 2009 and I'm pleased using Garritan Instruments
    for playing my notations.

    The only I would like to change is to turn up the volume over all.

    On all buttons I found in the Finale software I turned the volume to maximum.

    But if I use other applications in MS Windows,
    it is necessary to
    lower the speaker volume by a large amount.

    If I forget to lower the speaker, all frighten in my house.

    Thank you for tips

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    Re: Low volume of Garritan sounds in Finale 2009

    I know this doesn't help answer at all, but I have the same issue with Finale 2008. It can be tedious because the only way I can hear what I am writing is if I wear headphones, and even though they have better quality sound than my speakers, sometimes I like my ears to be au natural
    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
    youtube channel
    soundclick page

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    Smile Re: Low volume of Garritan sounds in Finale 2009

    Quote Originally Posted by sanyarem View Post
    I know this doesn't help
    After I found useful information in the document
    LinuxSampler SFZ Implementation
    I boosted the value
    for amplitude_oncc7 from 50.1187 to 100.0
    in each .sfz file.

    All the lines with this item in these files are equal.
    Now they look like:

     amplitude_oncc7=100.0 amplitude_smoothcc7=50 amplitude_curvecc7=7

    For my pieces of music using Finale from MakeMusic
    the first impressions turn out satisfactory.

    Thank you for comments


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