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Topic: Feedback Trouble with GPO4 in Reaper

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    Feedback Trouble with GPO4 in Reaper

    Hi Folks,

    just happily updated to GPO4, but I am struggling to make it work in Reaper. When trying to load an ARIA instance as VST instrument (all 16 channels) I am trying to run the Aria player in the first channel C1 and e.g. a Flute in C2 and a Piano in C3. This works as long as I have the Channel C1 (with the Aria player) armed. This means all data is also recorded to C1. I don't want that, I want Flute data on C2 and Piano data on C3. If I unarm C1 I can hear...nothin!

    So I allowed feedback in project settings (which was no problem with Kontakt) and all I got is Feedback! Well, I can see you smiling already, but please no stupid jokes. Of course I allowed feedback, so this is what I got, but how can I make this setup work?

    Thanks for input!

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    Re: Feedback Trouble with GPO4 in Reaper

    Hi, Ray

    It sounds like maybe you haven't changed the default audio out settings for each instrument in Aria. Each of the 16 slots in Aria are all set to come out of stereo pair 1 and 2. Click that to select what you want--on up to 31 and 32, which are the pair that make the 16th stereo out.

    "Allow feedback"---? Not sure what you mean by that.


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    Re: Feedback Trouble with GPO4 in Reaper


    thanks for the quick response. Well, I did assign the individual tracks to the double pairs of channels. That's what I had to do in Kontakt, too...

    The "allow feedback" option is a setting in Reaper project settings. Without selecting this, there is no sound at all from the Aria player if I unarm the first channel (the one that contains the Aria). With kontakt I had to select this also and it worked without problem. I always wondered why it's called "allow feedback", now I know.. :-(

    Can anybody help`?

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    Re: Feedback Trouble with GPO4 in Reaper

    got it! Somehow it kicked out the preset "master/parent send" in the top left corner of the C1 settings box....

    Missed that!

    Thanks anyway! Keep on rocking!

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    Re: Feedback Trouble with GPO4 in Reaper

    Glad you got things fixed, Ray - I see now, "allow feedback" is what's traditionally been called "MIDI echo." All these references to "C" I'm not clear on--I guess they're what Reaper calls its tracks - maybe C for Channel.

    Now - go make some music!


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    Re: Feedback Trouble with GPO4 in Reaper


    Thanks for posting and glad things are working.

    I would be interested in knowing about your experience with GPO and Reaper. Justin and crew at Cockos did such a fine job with Reaper.

    All the best,


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