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Topic: Gray Angel's Battle

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    Gray Angel's Battle

    Hello people...

    I've been out of the musical world, but now I'm trying it again... I'm still a rookie so obviously I'll need improvement. I'm working in a new piece called "Gray Angel's Battle", it's still in progress but your comments are welcome.. any word will help in the improvement I'm trying to reach..

    Thanks everybody...

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    Re: Gray Angel's Battle


    Hey, interesting intro with the FX, but I would be careful not to over do it.
    I enjoyed your musical ideas but I think maybe the rendering needs a bit of work. I would mildly suggest panning more instruments; get a wider, larger feel. Also look into using more clear articulations when your brass and strings staccato or marcato.

    Wonderful themes and great transitions! Much enjoyed and hope some of what I say may help you. Looking forward to hearing more.

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    Re: Gray Angel's Battle

    Hello, Andino - Welcome back to The Listening Room.

    It's a fun idea, starting your piece with the thunder sound effects. I think you have them going on so long before the music starts that it's possible some impatient listeners gave up and stopped the MP3 before your composition even started.

    One idea would be to bring in the Tympani, taking over what the thunder started - it would become a nice transition from natural sound to the stylized sound of musical instruments.

    The piece itself is full of interesting passages and some very effective themes. I feel that it isn't all hanging together as well as it could, so that the momentum gets derailed, and the arrangement isn't powerful enough to sustain the basic concept.

    I think there's a lack of consistency in your arrangement which is hurting what you wrote. Sometimes the instrumentation is full and appropriate to the mood, but other times it's unpredictably and less effectively thinned out. Perhaps you were wanting to introduce a lot of variety, but right now I feel that the result is inconsistent and incomplete sounding.

    It's quite a challenge you've set up for yourself, so I hope you continue to develop it. Thanks for letting us hear it.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Gray Angel's Battle

    Thanks a lot Michael and Randy.

    I'll consider each tip you posted, I appreciate the time you guys took for listen it. I'll keep working on it.

    Film Composer
    Visit me: http://www.andinomusic.com
    Twitter: @andinomusic
    Email: andinomusic@gmail.com
    Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/AndinoMusic

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    Re: Gray Angel's Battle

    Hello Andino,

    Like me you are just starting on the journey with Garritan - good luck, you really will get the best help here with your projects.

    With regard to your composition I think that you have got a lot of interesting themes in the piece. However, I feel that you maybe should concentrate on two or three of them and develop them further.

    Very enjoyable.

    Best wishes


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