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Topic: A thank you

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    A thank you

    I jsut wanted to say thanks to the people on this forum that share ideas and concepts, as well as answer questions. I knew nearly nothing about sampling a little over two years ago, and giga was my first \"sampler\". Since then I\'ve learned so much about sampling, sample editing, MIDI sequencing techniques...yada yada yada. Its helped me get better results with my music..and also gotten me to focus too much on tweaking rather than writing..but tahts jsut something I need to discipline myself with.

    Through all the bickering and library gloating there is still alot of info I\'ve picked up and jsut wanted to say thanks...

    Now I need to find a composers Forum where people share ideas on \"why mode seems to work this and gives this kind of feeling, but if played with so and so it sounds like..\" tho I\'m sure I could find a place like that easily...its called SCHOOL!

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: A thank you

    Hey King,

    I\'ve found all the forums I\'m in very helpful on nuts and bolts stuff like hardware, software and configurations. There\'s a yahoo club Composition Quarters that\'s somewhat helpful. In general I\'ve found that detailed discussion of the finer points of composing simply doesn\'t work in a text format. Ya gotta be there.

    Which brings me to your final conclusion, school. Learning theory is great, I know I\'ve done it. Learning composition is more individual, schools will teach you what the teacher knows and that may not be what you want to know. Academia will try to steer you towards more modern compositional styles and away from popular styles. Be cognizant of that when picking a school. Berklee will teach you Jazz, most acredited institutions of higher learning will teach you academic composing. It\'s helpful to know it all, but I haven\'t found a place that teaches it all.

    I mean to encourage you to learn theory and composition if that\'s your intent. But it\'s an individual process and it\'s helpful going in to know that everyone has an agenda.

    Dunno if that helps, but that\'s the view from here.

    Steve http://www.mp3.com/stevechandler
    aka Ettienne http://www.mp3.com/ettienne

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    Re: A thank you

    King I., I\'ll second that - it\'s amazing how much I\'ve learned from this forum. Sampling in general, EQ and reverb tips, midi tricks, hardware and software recommendations, library news and reviews, etc. etc..... Thank you, everybody!!

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    Re: A thank you

    I\'ll third that.

    To realise how useful these forums are, you just have to imagine getting to where you are with your gear and library now - but without the forums. I know I\'d be in a diferent place (padded walls, men in white coats...)

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    Re: A thank you

    Amen to all of the above. It\'s only been about 8 months for me, and without this place I\'d have probably bought giga, tested some bad libraries, never have heard any good user-made works (thank you especially Thomas), and have concluded that it was all crap and I should not waste any more time with it. This forum has helped give me focus and absurd amounts of knowledge.

    King, some of the eq tricks you suggested as far as placing an instrument \'back\' into the hall, as well as all the useful info I got on how to get the most out of AO strings has helped volumes.

    And as a composition student myself, I agree totally with everything Pantonality says. In fact its becoming truly frustrating for me. The Comp Dept head is a great guy, wonderful writer, and very accomplished in his field, but the program is almost totally focused on contemporary writing styles. (I mean, how many ways ARE there to create meaningful dissonance in a SINGLE work?!?) He suggested that I finish all of my theory and counterpoint, etc courses here, then take off for UCLA to study film composing. I was so excited about finally getting back to school, only to find they won\'t teach me what I want to know in this program.

    So if you do head back, I suggest you meet with the Head Prof of Comp, and find out just what kinds of things he\'ll work with you on before settling in on a school. I screwed up by assuming that just because my university has the second largest college of music in the US, it would have everything I needed. heheh.... my bad...

    Anyway, I\'ve ranted enough. Thanks everybody for so much help. And if anyone does know of a really good writers\' forums, I\'d love to hear about em.

    Take Care

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    Re: A thank you

    Thank you all for the kind words about the forum.
    Reading a post like this reminds us how important it is to keep this forum up and running for people around the world who use it for info.

    Also big Thanks to all that come here and give their input, tips etc.

    PaPa Chalk

    PaPa Chalk
    Northern Sound Source

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    Re: A thank you

    I\'d like to sign this card also.

    This place is great, and though I\'ve still got a lot to learn (most of which will simply require an investment of time on my part), You guys have already given me LOADS of great tips (directly and indirectly).

    King Idiot, you are at the top of my \"Thank you\" list. After all it was your e-mail messages three months ago that encouraged me to go the Giga route, and I\'m definitely happy with that decision.

    And thanks to ALL the developers and users who make this place such a great BBS.

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    Re: A thank you

    Here, here! I\'d like to thank all of those as well who have given me tips and advice. I\'m glad to see the forum come together more like this .

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    Re: A thank you

    I too would like to thank everyone for their help and assistantce.

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