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Topic: CodeMeter

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    Does GPO4 install a copy protection system named CodeMeter? CodeMeter showed up in my applications folder recently and the only new software that I have installed recently was GPO4.

    Ever since the CodeMeter program and its system preference panel have arrived I have been having intermittent system hangs that I never experienced before.

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    Re: CodeMeter


    I was familiar with CodeMeter, however, none of the products that I have use this particular copy protection device. However, it just showed up in my applications folder sometime in the last week. The only new software that I have installed in the past week was GPO4 so I suspect that it now includes this copy protection method.

    Is that correct?

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    Re: CodeMeter

    Hi, Dave

    I had never heard of CodeMeter, so did that bit of Googling on it. I understand it just suddenly appeared on your computer, but I have no idea if it's connected with GPO4/Aria. Looks like a question for DavidV at Plogue. I'll send him a note with a link to this thread.


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    Re: CodeMeter

    Well, it is in my task manager as well. I have no ill-effects with it and since GPO4 is the only new software I have installed, then the assumption is it is part of the ARIA copy protection.
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    Re: CodeMeter

    Thanks for that, Rich - I did a thorough check of my Task Manager and couldn't find this. - ? - I've sent an inquiry to DavidV at Plogue, maybe he can talk to us about the issue.


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    Re: CodeMeter

    It is in my task manager under "Processes" and the Image Name is: "CodeMeter.exe"

    I eliminate a lot of background task that are un-necessary and will do the same with this unless I learn otherwise.
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    Re: CodeMeter

    Ive never heard of CodeMeter before,

    so unless my employees put copy protection in my clients software that i dont know about, its not from us
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    Re: CodeMeter

    Thanks much for the reply, David

    After seeing that this "CodeMeter" isn't on my computer, it was looking like it couldn't be associated with Aria, but that wasn't jibing with Rich and Dave's posts - so--well, now it's still a mystery.

    Well, you guys, maybe you'll discover how that thing got in there - . Hummm.


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