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Topic: New Blog - Notation (Sib) and sequencing

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    New Blog - Notation (Sib) and sequencing


    wanted to let You know that I´ve recently started my own blog, in which I´ll be covering a lot of Sibelius (v. 6) and also some Logic Studio topics as well.
    I have a long history with both programs, and my current work as a composer/arranger/orchestrator is heavily centered around these programs. I have also taught notation, and I get to hear some basic questions quite often, that was also one of the reasons to start this blog.

    Using big orchestral libraries (EWQLSO Play, VSL, SAM) with Sibelius is also one of my main interests, I´ll be covering that later on as well.

    If You´re a bit slow on Sibelius, I can offer some tips to get You up to speed. And if there´s a topic You´d like to be covered, please let me know.

    Follow this link:


    Best regards,

    Jussi Lampela

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    Re: New Blog - Notation (Sib) and sequencing


    Nice blog. I've been using Sibelius and GPO for two years and am a big fan of both products. I recently upgraded to version 6 and find the magnetic feature to be a great timesaver.

    Robert Lypka.

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    Re: New Blog - Notation (Sib) and sequencing

    Jussi... very nice job you've done with the blog. I think that will help us a lot.

    In my case I've been using Sibelius 4 with GPO for two years. Then, personally I wasn't very fascinated with Sib 5, too complicated for me. Now I'm trying Sib 6 and it's a different world, I've been testing it and I love it so far!.

    I had some problems at the beginning with dll's on Windows (progueEngine.dll), It grayed out my devices, so the only way I could make it work is having Sib5 installed too. So I have both versions in my computer, that wasn't very great, and it seems sibelius people technical support doesn't have an answer for that yet.

    Any way, taking advantage of your experience, I'm trying to integrate Miroslav Philarmonik (VST) with Sib6, however it doesn't recognize it, I installed the dll in the Sibelius VSTPlugins directory, and the library doesn't show when Sib6 is up.

    Any ideas for that? I have other vst libraries (DSK) and they work fine, I just have problems with Miroslav.

    Also, I don't know much about Kontakt, with I'd like to use it too, that would be the same procedure?

    Thanks for any help...

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