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Topic: GPO4 on my Macbook Air ... Wow

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    GPO4 on my Macbook Air ... Wow

    Dear GPO Users,

    Today I purchased GPO4 to use on my main DAW computer. I thought also I might try this on my Macbook Air. Surprisingly it's running very well. I'm doing a little piece with a flute, bassoon, horn, cello, and timpani. The nifty thing is I'm also running 3 instances of the convolver Yellow Tools Origami to add spatial depth. And this is on Cubase Studio 5 with VST expression maps.

    The CPU maxes out at about 60%, but I have no doubt that with judicious track freezing I'll be able to take GPO4 to my favourite coffee bar and completely wow myself over and over again with some unpublishable magnum opus!

    I've just started with orchestral music and I'm so happy to have purchased such a wonderfully designed product at such an affordable price. The sound is exceptionally nice to my ears and the possibilities of using VST expression make me really look forward to the whole experience.

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: GPO4 on my Macbook Air ... Wow

    Nice message. It is this kind of appreciation that will make Gary G a happy man. In line with his dream of getting great software to anyone who wants to make great music at a sensible/affordable price.

    Good luck with your coffee shop 'concerts'. You never know who may be sitting nearby.
    Hong Kong
    Sonar 8PE, EWQLSO, GPO4, M-tron, Omnisphere, & VSM.
    Fantom XR and Radias modules.

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