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Topic: Orchestral EQ advice

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    Orchestral EQ advice

    I am getting ready to mixdown my first orchestral piece and was wondering if anyone could give me any tips for EQing orchestral samples.
    Maybe I don\'t need to add any EQ, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    I\'m using GOS cello marcato, violin marcato, bass short staccato and viola spiccatto (There is a slight \'fuzzy\' type frequency I would like to take out, don\'t know what range it is though).
    Advanced Orchestra Timpani
    Miroslav FF French Horns-(I have a feeling these might need some highs boosted)
    Miroslav and AO woodwinds

    I\'d appreciate any advice for helping these instruments sit in the mix better instead of being right up in your face.
    I\'m going to use Cakewalk soundstage, minus the room noise it comes with, and place the instruments in their positions.
    I read tips on the forum about adding reverb to create a \'distant\' effect etc, but some EQ advice on the string marcatos, spiccatos, and brass would be really appreciated.

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    Re: Orchestral EQ advice

    I\'m not sure if EQ is what you need, but somewhere way back when I found a very useful plug-in. It\'s a room simulator and it works beautifully (and it was free), especially if you add a touch of reverb after it. I don\'t remember where I found it, but I\'ll check tonight to see who published it or what the name is.

    Rather than adding a wash of reverb it makes your music sound like it\'s in a space, but there\'s no reverb wash that follows. I\'ve only used it on my most recent stuff (check out the link to Ettienne below).

    Steve http://www.mp3.com/stevechandler
    aka Ettienne http://www.mp3.com/ettienne

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    Re: Orchestral EQ advice

    Hi Damon
    I\'ll offer a good old simple EQ trick to
    locate and eliminate an anoying frequency-component (here: the fuzzy sound).
    In the old analog live days it was used
    to locate feedback frequences.
    Its rahter wellknown so maybe you\'re already
    know the procedure - but anyway:

    With a parametric EQ set a maximum boost,
    usually +15 db, set the Q-factor ( if your
    parametric EQ has it ) to a minimum.
    Use the cut-off frequency to sweep across the entire frequency spectrum until you hit
    the point where your fuzzy sound is at its loudest. Now apply attenuation instead of
    the initial boost and all the fuzz is over


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