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Topic: Has any one seen the movie : The Others?

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    Has any one seen the movie : The Others?

    Im a inspired to talk about the movie because it was a very creative well written and produced movie.
    Does any one know who did the orchestration in the movie ,it was very good.
    Im a guitar player but have developed more appreciation for orchestration sinse working with giga.
    The movie is not a feel good movie like Forest Gump.
    The movie is dark, suspenseful,thought provoking ,gothic and keeps you guessing what direction the plot is going to go through out the movie.
    And there is no violence in the film ,which is kinda rare in Hollywood today.
    I highly recommend it , and if you go see it you should go with some one because you will want to discus it with them.
    Apparently it was not a financially a sucess because there was only one other couple in the theater.
    But it was a great movie just the same

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    Re: Has any one seen the movie : The Others?

    Not sure who did the orchestrations, but the music was written by Alejandro Amenabar. Could be orchestrated by the same guy as well.


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    Re: Has any one seen the movie : The Others?

    Actually the movie has been doing fairly well in the theater. Its just been out for quite some time It didn\'t ahve a huge opening weekend but its been averaging a good amount of $$$.

    Still havent seen it tho. I wanted to but was screwed up in the head that weekend it opened and I\'m a movie geek that has at least one movie to see every week so it got lost in the crowd. I have about 20 DVDs to go through on my \"downtime\"...I\' need to stop coming to this damn board!!!!

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Has any one seen the movie : The Others?

    To blow your minds even more, not only did Alejandro Amenabar write the score, but also wrote the script and directed the movie as well. He is only 29!
    Great movie by the way and great score.

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    Re: Has any one seen the movie : The Others?


    You just have to quit playing with the Garritan Orchestral Strings!! I can see how you got behind on the DVD\'s.

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