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Topic: Strange GPO4 + DP6 bug?

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    Strange GPO4 + DP6 bug?

    I have just downloaded and started playing with GPO4, and I find a strange bug when using it with my DAW (Digital Performer 6.02). The behaviour started immediately upon starting to use GPO4 and, so far, has only occurred when using GPO4 as a plug-in with DP6, so it seems to me that there is some incompatibility there.

    Here's what happens: the DP6 Project>Add Track menu loses its submenus.

    This happens fairly frequently, but not all the time, which is just as well because that would make the combination unusable.

    When it happens, I can get back to normal by simply quitting and relaunching DP6, so that's my current workaround.
    Canberra, Australia

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    Re: Strange GPO4 + DP6 bug?

    This actually happened to me with GPO4 and DP 5.13. I thought I was going crazy. Same as you: I relaunched and that seemed to clear it up. So far it's happened only once, but I'm concerned...

    One other thing that happens almost constantly: the DP drop down menus "hesitate" after I select something. It's almost as if I have to click an extra time on the drop down choice. This also happens when using the drop down menu in Aria to select a new instrument.
    Intel iMac Core 2 Duo - 2.16 GHz - 3 GB mem - DP5.13 - Reason 3.0 - GPO4 - Kontakt 3

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    Re: Strange GPO4 + DP6 bug?

    The Project>Add Track problem doesn't seem to be happening often enough to me to be a real problem. I'll try to see if I can figure out what makes it happen consistently. If I can do that, I'll get back to this thread.

    Bob, regarding your hesitation problem. That doesn't happen to me. The Aria drop down menus for choosing instruments don't hesitate at all. I have also tried some DP ones too (specifically the plug-in menus on the mixer for the instrument channel containing the Aria player) with no problems either. Maybe there's something about DP5 which has gone away in DP6?
    Canberra, Australia

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