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Topic: GPO4 portamento - not like Gofriller?

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    GPO4 portamento - not like Gofriller?


    I'm playing with GPO4 and wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I assume based on the name that one of the solo cello instruments in based on, and is the future of, Gofriller. Yet when working with it I can't seem to get the same functionality as the Kontakt version. When playing portmento the slide between notes in Gofriller plays snippets of each note between the first and the last and sounds like a bowed slide of the finger. With GPO4 all I can manage is what sounds like a rompler pitch bend between notes that doesn't sound even close to realistic. Is all the magic of Stravidari and Gofriller still to be found in GPO4 and I'm just missing it?


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    Re: GPO4 portamento - not like Gofriller?

    Hi Joel,

    Unfortunately, GPO4's solo string instruments are very limited, just like in GPO3. It is a Gofriller cello sampled, but isn't actually, or as advanced as the Garritan Gofriller Solo Cello.

    The good news is that the magic of the Stradivari and the Gofriller will be included in GOS2, Garritan's upcoming string library, along with a viola and a bass. The press release is here: http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...ad.php?t=64691

    It'll probably be a while until its release, regardless of the time frame set in the press release.

    Hope this helped,
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