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Topic: Rhapsody for Orchestra

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    Rhapsody for Orchestra

    Hello everyone,

    This is a composition that I am quite proud of. I composed it over a period of about five months, working on it close to every day. It revolves primarily around two themes that are constantly altered and intertwined in a variety of ways; the tension of the piece is built through the constant struggle for prominence between them. This work was intended to tell a specific story, however I would rather leave what it is supposed to express up to the listener's interpretation.

    Rhapsody for Orchestra

    I hope you enjoy it.

    -John Carey
    Please visit my website - www.johncareycomposer.com

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    Thumbs up Re: Rhapsody for Orchestra

    This is one hell of a composition. Bravo.

    In my ears it's a dark, complex, jazzy piece, well executed and skillfully orchestrated in the correct idiom. Its thematic development keeps it consistent throughout, across "movements", and its use of overlapping melodies/ornamentation/counterpoint is a treat for the ear. Great harmony, too. As for influences, I'd say late romantic, some Gershwin, and perhaps Bernard Hermann?

    My only criticism is that the sound is a bit dry, and the fast string passages could use more legato or shorter decay. I'm probably going to check out a few more of your compositions.

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    Re: Rhapsody for Orchestra

    Very good work. You possess extensive compositional skills. Enjoyed it.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Rhapsody for Orchestra

    A full orchestration and a very nice piece compositionaly (not my style though, but anyways).

    John, keep in mind that your signature has a wrong link. Your website is ending on composer not compositions.

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    Re: Rhapsody for Orchestra

    Hello, John - Did anyone ever tell you how much you look like--
    ----Oh--III get it.

    Using your own word- you should indeed be unhesitatingly proud of this piece, John. Our Listening Room has been both blessed and honored to have you share your tremendous work here at this Forum.

    The incredible discipline of your work is breathtaking. It's what lifts your vivid musical imagination on to a high level of artistic craftsmanship. It's a completely riveting and inspiring thing to hear, your Rhapsody.

    Visions of a tear-stained close up of Ingrid Bergman, or Bette Davis. Echoes of 20th Century neo-romanticism abounding.

    I, for one, am grateful that you've emulated the smaller room sound like what used to be heard on movie sound tracks, before the GIGANTIC reverberant sound became so popular, and which hopefully will go out of fashion at some point.

    Whether or not this is a style like anyone else here works in, or even cares for, is of course beside the point. You've presented with such strong confidence music which is Yours, that I can't imagine anyone being other than extremely impressed by your accomplishment.

    It's a stupendous high point in The Listening Room's history - Thank You very much for posting Rhapsody. Hats off to you.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Rhapsody for Orchestra

    Hello John,

    Searching for the adjectives ... ... I would have to say, greatly complex in texture, mood, and color; which is personally satisfying.

    You have a great sense of the "dramatics" and tension; beautiful melodies perfectly placed.

    This is a great work. A great modern composition.

    You have to be very satisfied; your dedication and attention to detail, not forgetting craftsmanship, is much appreciated and quite impressive.

    Thanks for the post, and I'm now looking forward to hearing more from you.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Senior Member sd cisco's Avatar
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    Re: Rhapsody for Orchestra

    Hello there John;
    I am in strong agreement with the comments above by Michael and Randy.
    Your work is a sustained piece produced by your unrelenting concentration and dedication to the task. Personally I do like the style and for some reason it made me think of Hitchcocks film "Rebecca". Also, after romping about your website a bit, I found you are a very powerful, innovative and sure-handed pianist! I even went to the bottom of the page and checked out "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"! John, I wonder if you would mind providing some feedback of your own; could you elaborate a little on your production workflow? By that, I mean your software/hardware setup, whether you use notation software, a DAW, play all the parts by hand or??
    Again, as a general overview, Rhapsody for Orchestra is exceptional and inspiring, thank you for sharing and I look forward to more!!
    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Rhapsody for Orchestra


    A very dramatic piece indeed! I love the form and flow of the piece. Ideas nicely transition to one another yet are cohesive.

    I also think the orchestration and colors you evoke are outstanding. Keep writing and sharing. You should be proud of this piece.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Rhapsody for Orchestra

    Hi John.
    I would say that it's compositions like this which retain tonal music in the fore front of compositions. Serial music, etc become fads in comparison.
    I like the great changes in dynamics. Over-all the large, chordal hits remind me of large clouds hiding the next entrance.
    I would have loved to hear some Brass, i.e. horn quartet entrances emerge from the clouds.
    Maybe too long without some "quite breaks" in the sound wall.



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    Re: Rhapsody for Orchestra

    Bravo, John, Bravo!

    A powerful, evocative score, with its richly neo-Romantic
    underpinnings, Jazz influences, and lush, grand orchestrations.


    Don't miss John's website, with a wealth of outstanding music,


    John is a highly accomplished composer who I've followed with
    interest for some time.

    Be sure to find time to listen to his symphonic works -- and
    if you have time for only a sampling, I highly recommend his
    absolutely superb Symphony No. 2 Movement IV.

    With admiration,

    David Sosnowski

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