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Topic: Zimmers "The Gladiator Waltz"

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    Zimmers \"The Gladiator Waltz\"

    At long last, I finally got to hear a Zimmer orchestral mockup from the second CD from Gladiator which is the mockup of \"The Battle\" from the first CD.
    I was just curious if anyone else has heard this and what they have to say about it?
    I thought the percussion programming was outstanding. It sounds to me like Zimmer has BIG sounds to make those FF sections sound huge and powerful, almost like a full string ensembles in some places. The brass sounds like full ensembles as well in places.
    Now my question is I wonder how long it took Zimmer to do an 8 minute mockup like this?

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    Re: Zimmers \"The Gladiator Waltz\"

    Hi Damon, I listened to that piece recently, as well. It was, to say the least, impressive. Obviously he has some great samples at his disposal, and the fact that he\'s a sequencer wizard helps a lot, apparently. I have no idea how much time it took Zimmer to do this mock-up, but I expect he got some assistance from his fellow mediaventures composers. I would guess about a week if he did it on his own? The weakest point (or less strong than the rest) is probably the snare drum that takes on a very machine-gunish character early on. And the trumpets at 6:26. Anyway, a great piece of work by one of my favourite composers.


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    Re: Zimmers \"The Gladiator Waltz\"


    Where can I hear this waltz? Is there an MP3 somewhere?

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    Re: Zimmers \"The Gladiator Waltz\"

    I second that.
    Is there a mp3 some where or a link to info?
    Thanks , Ken

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    Re: Zimmers \"The Gladiator Waltz\"

    The track we are talking about exists only on the second Gladiator cd \"More music from Gladiator\". It\'s track 12 - Gladiator Waltz.
    You can buy the cd from Amazon.com I believe.


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    Re: Zimmers \"The Gladiator Waltz\"

    I\'ve been hearing about some \'second\' cd to the Gladiator soundtrack. Is this something available in stores now?

    -you see how much I get out these days-


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