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Topic: Sequencer recommendation?

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    Sequencer recommendation?


    So, the sequencer I've been using for past years is getting old (it even runs in windows 3.11) and although it works in XP, I think it's about time I upgraded to something else - so that I'll also be ready for Win 7.

    anywho, can anyone recommend a good sequencer? there are a couple of things it should have though: Piano roll with a matching overview of controller data, and the ability to edit that data with a line/curve tool (so that it would be possible to draw cc1 data with the mouse for instance)

    that's pretty all it needs - doesn't even need to have VST support or anything.

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    Re: Sequencer recommendation?

    I would recommend you Sonar.
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    Re: Sequencer recommendation?

    Yeah, Sonar is a good choice for PC.


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    Re: Sequencer recommendation?

    Cubase vote here
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    Re: Sequencer recommendation?

    I would also vote for Cubase. I run Cubase 4.5


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    Re: Sequencer recommendation?

    Sonar. If you need good notation support i think Cubase is better this area.

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