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Topic: velocity adjustment issue

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    velocity adjustment issue

    If I adjust the velocity curve setting just one notch brighter/easier than linear, I notice that I can no longer play softly. Either it's scaling the low velocities up too much, or actually it feels almost as if a constant is being added to the velocity. For instance, if I play notes with a velocity of 1 (the absolute lowest velocity possible), the Steinway plays notes that sound sort of medium-soft.

    Is it possible there is an issue with the scaling algorithm? If not, it would be nice to have an adjustment that is much more subtle than the current one. I just want to goose the mid-range velocities a little bit so that I can get to mf or f a little bit easier is all.



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    Re: velocity adjustment issue

    The bright curves are giving a little boost to the low velocities by design, in addition to the bright curving. I think it's a matter of preference (or situational) whether that's a good thing or not. In future development work I'd like to add more choices, but there are other things with higher priority for me in the near term.
    For now, you may find you can use a velocity curve in your sequencer or on your keyboard to give you more choices. Hope this helps

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    Re: velocity adjustment issue

    I think this is my first post here.
    I have the Steinway Standard 1.03.
    I have had problems similar to the original poster
    concerning velocity response:

    When I play softly, the volume is less loud of course,
    but the timbre is not that much different as when playing loud,
    (only a minor change in timbre).
    What I want is that when I play softly,
    the timbre changes just as much as the volume,
    (namely, in the direction of fewer prominent overtones,
    like an acoustic piano).

    My keyboard is an older Yamaha digital piano YPG-525. There
    are only three settings for touch sensitivity on that piano:
    soft, medium and hard. I have tried to combine each of those
    three settings with each of the five settings on the Steinway,
    a total of 15 different combinations, and none of them are very
    satisfactory, because I get this feeling that I am prevented
    from changing the volume response independently of the timbre response
    (by timbre I mean the more prominent high-frequency content
    at the louder volume levels), so the analogy is like an old stereo that
    doesn't even have separate bass and treble controls: it just
    has one knob for "tone", and you pick what you want to live with:
    if it's turned up, you'll get high frequency content, but the bass
    will suffer, and vice versa. What I want, for my Garritan Steinway wishlist, is at least two independent controls, something like this:


    (scroll down to "advanced screen").

    As far as the velocity curve changer software, I tried that before, but I couldn't get it to work for some reason. I think it was because I was running Vista at the time, and Vista, as an operating system, has deliberately disabled the traditional MIDI port (game port), so that it no longer works (insane), which is one of the reasons I downgraded back to XP (which was a move forward, not backward, recommended by musicians and by Guitar Center). Okay, I just downloaded velocity curve changer, and it works, so I'm going to play around with hundreds of combinations that present themselves now: 3 touch sensitivity settings on my piano, 5 velocity curve settings on the Garritan Steinway, and many different possible velocity curves in the "MIDI Velocity Curve Changer".

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    Re: velocity adjustment issue

    For Vista, I use Maple MIDI Tools for virtual MIDI ports to be able to use Velocity Changer.

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