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Topic: It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

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    It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

    It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22!

    As the winner of Challenge #21, Frank D created the theme for this round.

    "Orchestration Challenge No. 22 explores the meter and key aspects of a composition/arrangement. The entrant was asked to compose and state in 4/4 time a theme using a single voice, then orchestrate an "A"-section in 4/4 time in any key; and then based on that same theme originally stated above, compose and orchestrate a "B"-section in 3/4 time in a different key than the "A" section.

    There were 6 entries submitted for this challenge, so the choices are:

    Entry 1 - http://www.wizardwalk.com/duel2/Entry01_Chall22.mp3
    Entry 2 - http://www.wizardwalk.com/duel2/Entry02_Chall22.mp3
    Entry 3 - http://www.wizardwalk.com/duel2/Entry03_Chall22.mp3
    Entry 4 - http://www.wizardwalk.com/duel2/Entry04_Chall22.mp3
    Entry 5 - http://www.wizardwalk.com/duel2/Entry05_Chall22.mp3
    Entry 6 - http://www.wizardwalk.com/duel2/Entry06_Chall22.mp3

    Many thanks to Frank D for providing the rhythm for this challenge episode. Again, thanks to Sean for organizing and administering this challenge. And big thank yous to the participants who have all done an excellent job with the challenge.

    This is a "one-vote-per-person" poll. We'll keep the voting open for about two weeks.

    Have fun and good luck!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

    Excellent work here everyone. I tried to judge the entries for theme, variation, orchestration and sound, and found all of them pretty close. I finally let the winner be the one that had the best use of theme and variation, in (what I think is) the spirit of this particular challenge. I dubbed my winner "Star Trek in the English Country Side"...

    BTW, there is a strong resemblance between themes of 2 & 3. Is that a coincidence?

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    Re: It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

    Definitely some great entries this time around. Picking one will be tough, but I think I've at least got it narrowed down to about six. Then I get to start guessing who the creators of each are!
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    Re: It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

    I'm impressed by each entry! Well done, everyone!

    The theme of #3 reminds me very strongly of something else, but I can't for the life of me think what. If someone has an idea, please PM me.

    EDIT: Never mind, I remembered what is was.

    FLWrd, I would say there's also a strong resemblance between themes of 1 & 4. Is that a coincidence?
    Maybe I should have come up with a more original username.
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    Re: It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

    Hey Friends and Musicians!

    The day has finally come! ... I've just finished listening to the six entries, and what can I say?

    How about:

    WOW - WOW -WOW - WOW -WOW ... and ... WOW!!!!!!

    (I think that's one for each participant! )

    I think all of you who submitted an entry for Orchestration Challenge No. 22 have really created inspired musical works ... Wonderful job! I also think it's noteworthy to mention just how good all the mixes were ... really well done.

    I already know it's going to take a lot of listening over the next two weeks to decide who I'll vote for!

    I'd also like to thank Sean for being "The Man Behind The Curtain" ... we all appreciate your work in bringing these challenges to fruition.

    And of course, Many Thanks to Gary for "Keep on Keepin' On"

    Finally, GOOD LUCK to all the participants!!

    And to all the rest of you, PLEASE VOTE!!!!!!



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    Re: It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

    What an especially fun round this is. I'm really enjoying hearing these pieces several times each. Of course, as always, I won't breathe a word about the one I voted for.

    Frank, it was such an excellent concept you had for this. Sounds to me like it really set people free to create something totally on their own. Hearing each of them start with a solo stating their theme, and then taking it from there - that was a really good idea, Frank.

    --Interesting, two posts asking if it's a coincidence that some entries seem to be similar to each other. Well - yeah it'd have to be chalked up to pure coincidence since unlike the other Challenges, these entrants were coming up with themes on their own. Sean is the only person who had the chance to hear them all before they were posted.

    Fellow Garritanites - my gosh we're a talented bunch!


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    Re: It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

    Friends, Romans, and Forumites ...

    Today, Tuesday, September 8th, should be the last day of voting for Orchestration Challenge No. 22.

    If you haven't voted yet, this is your last chance to join in on what has been a simply wonderful round of musical entries ... please show your support for these six talented musicians!

    Unless anyone has an objection, the voting is final at mid-night tonight with the winner announced Wednesday.

    I can't wait to hear "who did what" and, especially, to hear each musician's comments on his or her piece.

    Once again ... really superb music created for this round!



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    Re: It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

    Hi Everyone!

    I'd say it's time for the final downbeat on Garritan Orchestration Challenge No. 22. ...

    And the winner is ... the envelope please ...

    Entrant Number 2

    <Applause , Applause!! >

    Congratulations to "No. 2" as well as the other five participants for a really quality round of music created for Gary's latest challenge. BRAVO!!

    As the creator of this challenge, I have a favor to ask each of the six participants who will now be able to step forward and identify themselves:

    I think it would be educational for all of us if the participants would identify the key they used for their 4/4 "A"-sections, and then the key they modulated to for the 3/4 "B"-sections ... and WHY they selected that key to modulate to. Thanks in advance for sharing this info!

    OK, Guys and Gals, let's hear "Who did What" .



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    Re: It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

    Hello, Frank and everyone here - This Challenge came at a perfect time for me. It was a very welcome change of pace for me to turn everything else off for several evenings, and to write something new, working within the parameters Frank set for this.

    I did entry #2. Those of you who've heard it can perhaps tell that I was in a warm, nostalgic mood when I wrote it. A lot of different things were on my mind as I worked on this, but I know one image in my mind was of a bucolic countryside with rolling hills and sunshine.

    Frank said, "...I think it would be educational for all of us if the participants would identify the key they used for their 4/4 "A"-sections, and then the key they modulated to for the 3/4 "B"-sections ... and WHY they selected that key to modulate to..."

    I started in F. First came the little motif, the suspended fragment. As I started playing with that motif, it felt right to leave the question of Major or Minor key ambivalent so that while my developing melody was in F, it kept resolving on the relative minor, D minor.

    The 3/4 section is my favorite part. At first I had a fairly complex modulation section worked out, but I tossed it out in favor of a very simple, straight forward C chord serving as the bridge to the key of Bb. That key feels like a pleasant contrast to F to me, and after deciding on the C chord transition, I had a simple stepping down in 3rds to land the waltz in Bb.

    Up until the B section, my development of the motif, beyond composing a full melody, was to expand on the harmonies each time the melody repeated. The last time through before the B section, the harmony is meant to predominate over the melody. But once I was in Bb, the melody became more fragmented and I changed keys a few times more in what felt like a series of quietly unanswered questions.

    I liked the way Frank left the last part of the structure to be up to our discretion. I did what I felt was an interesting modulation back to F and 4/4, but stayed there only briefly. I ended in the key of D - feeling it was satisfying to re-visit D, only in the major key this time instead of the minor.

    And then, as had developed early on as I worked on this, I finally had my melody resolve on the Major, D Major, in keeping with the way old English folk songs would sometimes resolve that way after maintaining a minor key throughout.

    And so - my process was something like that. --It was entirely a piano piece first, then I went about arranging for the instrumentation heard here.

    I want to note that like Frank, I was really impressed with all of these pieces. I have the impression everyone had a good time with this in their own way. I think we're all winners - There's no way I'd be able to single one of these out. I am probably most taken with #3, but was impressed with the work in all the other entries also.

    Thank you Frank for a really engrossing Challenge. - And I'm so glad people visiting this thread enjoyed the work!


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    Re: It's time to vote for Orchestral Challenge #22

    I, unfortunately, am the composer of entry no. 5. The lone vote was my support of my composition. It was a fun challenge and I enjoyed putting the effort into my presentation.

    I elected to start my piece on solo bass clarinet (after all I am a clarinetist ) and then re-stated in clarinet quartet before moving on with the piece. The 4/4 section was in quasi Eb major or C minor. I couldn't make up my mind which one so it sort of reflects both key centers.

    The 3/4 section is most definitely in G major. It was suppose to be a little lilt and happy section of just light fun.

    I did intersperse the 3/4 with the coda section after a return to the "A" 4/4 section. The lilt became a bit somber being played on bass clarinet solo with violin obligato before establishing a coda based on the original melody.

    I know, I wrote an awful lot here on a piece that no-one considered, but I thought it might give you an idea of what I was attempting to present.

    Randy, I thought your piece was excellent and I am happy Entry 2 was the winner. I did wish I was influenced by ME to vote for MYSELF.
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