Here you will find now two musicological reconstructions online, which i did for the University Hamburg.

It is a german composer of Chambermusic, Songs and Choirmusic from the age of Gustav Mahler, Richard Strauss, Jean Sibelius, who was personal pupil of Joh. Brahms and in the years between 1890 and 1929 quite well established in german musical life,

Both pieces are two of a large bunch of manusskripts, I found in an old suitecase in which the composer rescued his late compositions when he was emigrating with 74 Years from german barbarism 1939 to his exil in england, where he went on composing until 1951.

I hope i managed to make (with VSL-VI's, EWSQ and Ivory IG) the musical ingenious of this nowadays by misfortune quite unknown Composer a bit audible.