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Topic: Mirrors - Solo Piano

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    Lightbulb Mirrors - Solo Piano

    Hello my dear friends,

    After a long vacacion and so much work.. I'm lucky back in forum with a new song.
    Listen here to my piano performance & to my song

    Hope you like it. Comments always welcome.

    Listen here: http://www.box.net/shared/0djsze25kx

    All my best

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    Re: Mirrors - Solo Piano

    Well I know nothing about jazz, so maybe I'm easily impressed, but I thought it was fantastic. It has a real sense of poise and direction, and harmonies that I couldn't dream of writing in a million years.

    A couple of the scalic runs gave away the fact that it was samples - for instance at 1'33''. Did you quantise, or even draw them in with the mouse? - something isn't quite human about them - although that could always just be because the samples don't have the dynamic subtlety to pull it off.

    I loved the piece though. You've inspired me to go read my book on jazz harmony.

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    Re: Mirrors - Solo Piano


    Long time indeed!

    What a wonderfully fresh dose of
    artistically assembled harmonies and themes!

    I would call it 'Stardust'... that's my impression...
    of being showered with many little stars...

    You have it all!

    Much admired,


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    Re: Mirrors - Solo Piano

    All of the old jazz musicians, with whom I grew up, call this type of playing "noodling" and it's a great sound which I have always loved. (I don't know if there is a French word for "noodling".)

    I like your "Mirrors" and enjoyed the listen. Good job!

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Mirrors - Solo Piano

    Bienvenue en arrière, Jacques !

    Simply beautiful. I admire your pianistic abilities and your "noodling" abilities (as Larry mentioned) so much. Gorgeous, completely enjoyable, warm music. Thank you for coming back with something so wonderful for us to hear.


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    Re: Mirrors - Solo Piano

    Dear Yudit,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Yeah - ! - Stardust !
    Very nice idea ! I loved it.

    All my best


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    Re: Mirrors - Solo Piano

    Dear Larry,

    Thank's for your kind words. Well "noodling" is playing around melody freely..almost completly rubato style. I loved playing like this. It gives always an dreamy touch to the performance.

    All my best


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    Re: Mirrors - Solo Piano

    Dear David,

    Thanks for your nice comment. Well I do not quantise ..never.This piece was played on a steinway sampled piano rubato.

    There are some good piano books around..I recomend "The Jazz Piano Book" by Andy Levine. Very good !!

    All my best


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    Re: Mirrors - Solo Piano

    Dear Randy,

    Thank so much for your kind words regarding "Mirrors".
    It makes very happy that you like that piece. I'm happy to be back and making people feeling good by listening to my music.

    Thank again for your mention.

    All my best


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    Re: Mirrors - Solo Piano

    Great to see you back with us again, Jaques!

    Noodling it may be, as the venerable Larry asserts;
    but whatever you choose to call it, it's really quite
    lovely work -- a lot of air and space within it, which
    I very much enjoy.

    Well done!

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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