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Topic: Compare Heavyocity Evolve & NI Mutations?

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    Question Compare Heavyocity Evolve & NI Mutations?

    To what extent are these similar products? There are apparently 275 new Instruments in Mutations, but how much overlap is there otherwise? Is it worth getting Mutations when I already have Evolve?

    A word from the wise would be appreciated ;-)



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    Re: Compare Heavyocity Evolve & NI Mutations?

    I'm interestd in this too. Seems like Mutation is around 2 gigs while Evolve is around 6 gigs. I demoed Evolve online at Trysounds and was pretty impressed. Anybody else have either of these?

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    Re: Compare Heavyocity Evolve & NI Mutations?

    Heavyocity have said it is an entirely different product with no duplication of content.
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    Re: Compare Heavyocity Evolve & NI Mutations?

    I do have evolve. haven't got much time to play around but this library is really good, that is a library that has been designed specifically for film/game scoring - and it does what it should do, nicely.

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    Re: Compare Heavyocity Evolve & NI Mutations?

    I am the biggest fan ever of Evolve: it's an amazing sound design & composition tool. Mutations is decent, but feels a bit more specific than Evolve. Like, I don't know that I'd have the same use for Mutations that I do for Evolve: it's more glitchy-sounding, vs. being cinematic-sounding. But Heavyocity's audio demos are good indicators of what's in the box, so I'd give it a listen and see what you think. If you like the demos, you'll like the product.


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