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Topic: SFX Library

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    SFX Library

    SFX Musical Haunt Library

    I am curious if the NS crowd in general feel there is a need, or market for a low cost, high-end effects library.

    EDIT: Musical SFX that can be used in media work.

    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: SFX Library

    I am assuming you mean a meat and potatoes approach to sound effects, rather than anything more specialized? I have a bunch of the Hollywood Edge stuff, and that suits my needs for things generally. But I could ALWAYS use more explosions (with and without different particle elements) and MORE LIGHTING!!!

    Very best- love your work.


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    Re: SFX Library

    Hi Mark and thank you!! Yes Hollywood Edge is by far the best. EDIT: I am NOW thinking (wow that fast) more along the lines of MUSICAL SFX. One guy and a DAT machine would take years to do what's already out there SFX wise. My Interests will always point my toward the horror scene. Perhaps there is a niche to be found? Almost in the way DIVA was back in the dizzle! LOL

    Again, just thinking out loud here ;-)
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: SFX Library

    Problem with music sfx (I'm assuming you mean stringg, scratches, etc), is that it's rather limited and very easily spoted. I have a few sfx from EW stuff, but they are so few (clusters and penderevski stuff), that I get continuously annoyed to use them, cause they always sound the same.

    Now, if it was that you built a library which was shaping the sfx, instead of only using them (pre-)recorded, then, yes, I would be HUGELY interested!

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    Re: SFX Library

    I'd rather see sound effect instruments than static sound effects - there are plenty of sound effects out there, but how many of them can you actually play to suit your specific need.

    For example a scratch-sound: it would be cool to see an innovative solution to produce [almost] endless amount of different scratches or squeeks or foot steps etc. Maybe put together using a huge collection of effects of similar kind and intelligent scripting and programming and voila: one single Kontakt effect-instrument where you could affect the output sound with your play velocity (attack of the scratch), modwheel (how much pressure does the scratcher apply), length (duh - how long is your scratch depends on how long you hold the key down), aftertouch (how much does for example the wooden surface change under the scratcher's fingers) etc. Also, maybe using keyswitch you could change the material being scratched.

    Maybe one instrument could be "Scratching with finger nails" (with keyswitchable materials), some other "Scratching with metal spikes" (with the material "chalk board"!!!)

    You could really produce something new and innovative using this kind of approach, I think! Would be perfect in horror genre.
    Film Composer - www.juhanalehtiniemi.com
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    Re: SFX Library


    To be more precise and for example …
    Ghostly Piano: Wildly out of tune, old and dusty tone and has the sound as if it is being played by a spirit. Check the score to: The Haunting in Connecticut.

    LOVE the scratching idea!!
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: SFX Library

    Oh, I'd love this kind of piano!

    Some more ideas:

    Footsteps: modwheel to control the distance of the person (/spirit), aftertouch to control the force/agressiveness of the steps...

    Leaking waterpipe: modwheel=interval of the drops, from a single drop all the way to a small stream of dropping water, velocity=distance of the drops (how muffled the sound is, inside the wall, behind the wall...)

    Breathing: modwheel="tempo" of the breathing, keyswitch=male/female/kid, velocity=initial heaviness of the breathing, aftertouch=changing the heaviness after the initial style

    Heh, there are million things one can do like this...

    I'd also like to see sfx like "the spirit leaves a body", meaning this kind of very gentle, long, exhaling breaths. Also very aggressive drone-style monk chanting (I guess you already have some of them in some other libraries) would be cool.

    One more material to scratch with a spike: a car!!!! This kind of aggressive scratching and bending of metal sufrace, there's nothing sexier!!!
    Film Composer - www.juhanalehtiniemi.com
    My latest project: Our first indie pop -single, produced in Ableton Live, available also on iTunes and Amazon
    Mac Pro 6-core 3.33GHz

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    Re: SFX Library

    We've got a really exciting SFX and SFX-instrument library in the works, almost complete. It's called "Q" (as in film cue) and we'll be doing the formal announcement in about a month.

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    Re: SFX Library

    Quote Originally Posted by karvasika View Post
    Oh, I'd love this kind of piano!
    I know the piano was just an example of the genre, but you can do this yourself at home with just a few ingredients...

    Start with a nice mellow piano (like the Malmsjo Grand), compose a simple eerie theme in the higher octaves, add reverb and (important) fade in a chorus effect. Play with the chorus settings and you've got it!

    As to scary music SFX, if one has Symphobia and Omnisphere, it would take years to exhaust the possibilities. So a new library would need to really look for a major point of differentiation.

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    Re: SFX Library

    Oh, I voted yes. but that was before it was edited to music sfx which I have no interest in..so unfortunately the poll as of this post is actually in the opposite direction.
    richard sven
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