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Topic: Rate the music libraries.

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    Rate the music libraries.

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    If you are a composer or songwriter working with various music libraries we would like to hear your experiences with these companies and to also rate them. There seem to be hundreds of these companies but do they really deliver on their promises of generating income for us music creators. Please visit www.musiclibraryreport.com and share your experiences.

    Thank you

    Art Munson
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    Music Library Report Update

    Hi Folks,

    I've just updated the look of www.musiclibraryreport.com and I think it's much easier to navigate. There is a proposed new layout for each library page, including the addition of general information for each library. There is a link on the home page to that proposed new layout. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

    We now have over 150 libraries and 400 comments in the first month of being open so it's been very active. Thanks to everyone for all of their comments and suggestions.

    Take care


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    Re: Music Library Report Update


    I have all the music libraries at www.musiclibraryreport.com updated with much more detail, including links to each library's web site. Some of the libraries web sites are more transparent than others but we are making progress in learning as much as we can about each one. If you have any information to help further a library's information screen it would be appreciated.

    I have also added a more in depth searching capability. As an example, you can search just for libraries that are accepting submissions.

    There are now about 160 libraries on the site and over 600 comments. Lots of great info there about music libraries in general as well as individual libraries.

    Please come by and visit and if you can add to the knowledge base it would help us all!

    Take care


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    Re: Rate the music libraries.

    I would like to add a new feature to MusicLibraryReport.com called “Music Library POV”. It would offer the opportunity for music libraries to discuss their “Point Of View” on their company’s philosophy and business model and to comment on other aspects of the music library business. I think this would be an excellent way for both the music creators and the library owners to better understand each others needs and requirements.

    If you have any ideas on what you would like see addressed, please visit and leave your comments at

    Thank you!

    Art Munson

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    Re: Rate the music libraries.

    i like to listen music so much and as per that i think this seems reallly good for me part... but i never try make my library regarding the playist...

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