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Topic: Harp pedal slide in GPO4?

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    Question Harp pedal slide in GPO4?

    Hi all, I've had a look through the forums but can't see that anyone's asked this before. I know it's perhaps a little ambitious, but has anyone managed to create an approximation of a harp pedal slide in GPO4? I tried messing about with the pitchbend control, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Suggestions?

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    Re: Harp pedal slide in GPO4?

    A harp pedal slide involves depressing or releasing the pedal after playing a note while the string is still vibrating. I've used this technique many times when playing pedal harp (it's used in jazz harp quite a bit).

    In GPO4 we did not record this effect. And approximating it may be hard to do because there are extraneous noises (like a buzz) involved as well as the slide itself. The best you can perhaps do is a quick bend with the pitch wheel. We can look into adding or figuring a way to emulate this effect in this future.

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    Re: Harp pedal slide in GPO4?

    Thanks, Gary. I'll have a fiddle about with Pro Tools' pitch wheel controls (my keyboard doesn't have any extraneous controls like that so I have to draw changes in by hand) and see what I come up with. I'll post back here if I manage to work something out. Thanks again!

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    Re: Harp pedal slide in GPO4?

    minim, you could use pitch automation in the audio track in Pro Tools,
    I assume it has that feature by now...

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    Re: Harp pedal slide in GPO4?

    Gary mentions using pitch wheel so I should clarify that pitchbend is disabled in the harps by default. It is possible to activate pitchbend by editing the text in the bank file for the harps: "GPO.HRP.bank.xml." The relevant text is:

    <Define name="$bend_up" value="0" />
    <Define name="$bend_down" value="0" />

    As you can see, bend up and bend down values are both set to "0" in this file. Changes to the number should be in cents: 100=1 semitone up;
    -100=1 semitone down. So it would look like this for a 2 semitone up/down range:

    <Define name="$bend_up" value="200" />
    <Define name="$bend_down" value="-200" />

    If you decide to make custom changes like this, always save a backup of the file first before you make changes, just in case something goes awry.


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    Re: Harp pedal slide in GPO4?

    Wow, Tom! Thanks - I'll give this a go!

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