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Topic: Omnisphere install question

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    Omnisphere install question

    Hello all,

    Just picked up Omnisphere. Have a question re...install. I'm running a quad core, 2.8 gig intel machine, 4 gig ram, Cubase 4.5.2, various other VSTi's.

    I picked up a 10k rpm velociraptor hard drive and was thinkking in terms of using it to store the sound sources for Omnisphere. Wondering if anyone has tried this, is there any advantage to doing do?

    When I installed Kontakt3 and various K3 sound librafries on my machine I put all of the sound libraries ona dedicated velociraptor drive. this has worked very well. This leads me to think that it might be a good way to go with Omnisphere.

    in essence, what I'd like to do is to install the Omnisphere program/dll on the normal C drive but install it's sound libraries on an external, eSATA drive (the velociraptor). Initial questions (I think) would be...

    Are the sound libraries contained in the "STEAM" folder for Omnisphere?

    If i specify the external drive as the destination for the STEAM folder (assuming thats where the libraries are) will Omnisphere know this when i bring it up in Cubase?

    Can omnisphere be "told" where on a system to look for the sound libraries?

    Info or suggestions welcome and thanks in advance!


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    Re: Omnisphere install question

    Yes, you can do that. You'll find detailed instructions in your Omnisphere Users Guide booklet.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omnisphere install question

    Thanks Glenn...one related question...I'm waiting on a part to get the external drive going so i just loaded Omnisphere to the C drive to mess with it. Since I now have the Steam folder installed on the C drive, can I just move it to the external drive once i get that up and running?

    I found a post that talked to this and said something about creating a "shortcut" in the C drive spectrasonics folder to point Omnisphere to the correct path to the Steam folder. Not sure how to create such a "shortcut". Any guidance you could offer me on this?

    Thanks again,


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    Re: Omnisphere install question

    Do you have an Omnisphere Users Guide booklet?

    - Glenn

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