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Topic: Pop brass samples: Never????

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    Pop brass samples: Never????

    Hi everyone
    Pop brass: fff trumpets, trombones and saxes suitable for R&B, pop jazz, latin, etc. but no ORCHESTRAL again!. There´s plenty and excellent ones in this regard as QLB and Dan Dean. I think I´m not alone with this need but can we have any hope from any sample developers?
    If anybody join with me for this need perhaps the developers feel interest in this market.
    Jose Pereira

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    Re: Pop brass samples: Never????

    I would LOVE a giga brass ala Earth wind & Fire!

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    Re: Pop brass samples: Never????

    I always wanted to do some big band simulation. Are there any libraries that could cover that?


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    Re: Pop brass samples: Never????

    Have you check out : Phantom horns , Super brass section,..these are definitely geared towards R&B, pop...The phantom horns section are the same guys who perform with some of the high profile english act, Paul Young, Phil Collins...but i don\'t know if the Cd is any good though.

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    Re: Pop brass samples: Never????

    I just bought nearly ever Brass library out there and each one has its plusses and minuses when it comes to Pop Brass. The best one for me *so far* is still QLB. Layering in some off the horns from Phantom horns is nice since being able to cut up the phrases into indivudual hits makes for realistic performances that can be re arranged, not to mention the different versions of short notes which helps as well. and Brass Super section is....ok... but with both the lack of many velocity layers really hurts them

    Mind you I bought all the other libraries except QLB and Dan Dean in Audio CD format so I need to program them all,..and still havent since I just got them about a week ago.

    I had a BIG brass sampling project planned thi year for Big Band specifically but I\'ve canceled plans on it because the project still has a chance of being canned and I dont want to spend over 10 grand and end up in the whole because I didn\'t get paid enough.

    I\'m still considering it, but with a major budget cut, which would mean not the greatest converters. not the greatest studio...players might not be top name but man there are alot of hungry players out here in the Bay area...everyone wants to be Tower of Power ...still it might not be good enough for everyone. Also I want big band sounds which is a little different than pop.

    Anyhow, with some tricky programming and editing I think you can go along way with the existing samples...but I\'d like to see some with more breath and variations in the shorter notes. Also itd be nice to have some unison/ensemble patches. Both Full band and half/part band (no saxs), and WELL as solo and ensemble of each group. Some expressive portamento samples and multiple samples for each, Rips and falls and again multiple variations some chord \"hits\" and clusters, not to mention octaves. Phrases do help and being able to edit them or trigger them via \"16ths\" in a sequencer is sometimes fun and can help \"fill in\" for \"feel\" on some parts.

    Its a HUGE project and one I really wanted to do and may still do at some poit even if YET ANOTHER brass library comes out.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Pop brass samples: Never????

    Thanks for the help KingIdiot. I hope that you might reconsider the bigband sampling thing, I know that I would love to own it!!! :-) I don\'t think that it would require big name players to pull it off nicely, I mean they would have to be better than high school.

    I agree that it would be helpful if you had some falls and riffs in there to help make it spicy. Samples of solo instruments as well as seprate sections, (two or three horns at a time). Hey while I\'m at it what about some less used instruments like suprano sax, jazz flute, clarinet? Wow the possabillities.


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    Re: Pop brass samples: Never????

    BELIEVE ME I want both Jazz Flute and clarinet as well!

    I also bought Creative Essentials Woodwind and Brass and its the only library out there that has glissando Clarinet samples (rhapsody in blue must!)....tho I dont own Xsample yet...duh I knew I forgot oen library...

    anyhow. The samples are well..waht you\'d expect at 25 bucks...but with alot of audio editing and formant shifting and harmonic shifting I could get some really cool sounds...

    The section instruments Suck Horribly tho. They also have a brass library which I picked up....definitely overkill and pretty much useless since I bought the other libraries.. I was hoping for little thngs like the glissandos and wavering pitches but nope.

    To be honest my Dan Dean hasn\'t showed up yet. Should be here in a day or two but i really doubt it will have the excessive breathing that I want. The Woodwinds have an almost too controlled sound and its what I\'m expecting from the brass...but what Jamieh did with layering with QLB impressed me. the ff bite should add nice to QLB for pop as well.

    I really want to do some Henry Mancini type stuff and film noir stuff, not to mention the Carl Stalling stuff.

    A really cool jazz flute with flutter licks and all kinds of different short attacks should be awesome...especially with alot of breathing.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Pop brass samples: Never????

    I am also waiting for the ultimate r\'n\'b/latin/big band collection. I don\'t see why it shouldn\'t be on any company list of things that composers/arrangers want. i lust for a great one!

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    Re: Pop brass samples: Never????

    Phantom Horns...
    Can any body talk me about it? How compares with current brass libraries?
    Thanks for your help!
    Jose Pereira

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