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Topic: Zaderatsky Piano Miniatures

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    Zaderatsky Piano Miniatures

    I've been away and busy, but wanted to share a project that I stole a few minutes for this summer. On another site, I was made aware of the music if Zaderatsky - rarely heard and very compelling. I was given a link to some MIDI files to listen to - they sounded so well-done that I wanted to try them on the Steinway....


    There's quite a few, but they are short (and I don't have time to wax eloquent about them all - just listen to a few and let me know what you think!)

    As I said, these are NOT my files, but they sound as if they were either played in realtime (or if not, heavily edited) since they sound very natural and expressive.

    Rendered directly from the stand-alone Steinway, opened the WAV and added impulse reverb.

    Once again, I dedicate these to:

    1 - rbowser... I think I've just about got the hand of a drier acoustic, thanks for spurring me on!
    2 - etLux... thanks for being a good friend and sharing so much of yourself - these miniatures remind me of your style
    3 - Tom... you always seem to enjoy my weird finds!

    Do enjoy, and I hope to spend more time here in the future!

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    Senior Member sd cisco's Avatar
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    Re: Zaderatsky Piano Miniatures

    Hello there Jonathan!
    Wow, these pieces are great, they are still playing now, but I have already heard plenty. While listening, I Googled Zaderatsky and found this biography by the composers son; http://www.jmi.org.uk/suppressedmusi...icles/008.html

    "But from the outset of Communist rule he was subjected to ‘historical ostracism’, deliberately written out of history, never once during his lifetime being afforded any opportunity to promote his music."

    Just an amazing and innovative fellow, repressed to near historical oblivion by the Soviet state and hounded out of all major capitals of the country. His work is inventive and fresh sounding. I can't understand what he had done wrong to deserve such treatment. He was educated to a fare-thee-well, fought in the wars, married a few times, ended his days teaching at an obscure conservatory. How can fate and human wickedness be allowed to rob this man of any and all public audience and recognition, when he was fairly overflowing at the brim with genius??
    Who knows, but that's his story.
    Thanks for sharing Jonathan, most interesting!

    Best regards,
    sd cisco

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    Re: Zaderatsky Piano Miniatures

    Thanks for sharing these. This is music I really enjoy.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: Zaderatsky Piano Miniatures

    sd, thanks for including his history and background a bit - I didn't have time to include that yesterday.

    I'm glad you and trentpmcd both enjoyed the music - it shows a very creative mind, and a fine musician.

    It's sad how we treat our fellow humans in the name of politics, but very gratifying that Zaderatsky is finally getting some deserved recognition, even if it is after his passing.


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    Re: Zaderatsky Piano Miniatures

    Great to see you back in the neighborhood, Jonathan!

    These miniatures are a delight -- intriguing, interesting,
    captivating writing; and, whoever did the source files,
    very good work on the performance. Excellent rendering,
    as well.

    Also, my compliments on the redo of www.evensongmusic.net,
    too, Jonathan.

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Zaderatsky Piano Miniatures

    Thanks, David!

    It's good to be back, if even for a short while.

    I just found out that there was a recent release of some of Zadaretsky's music on CD, so I encourage folks to keep an eye out for it.

    I had fun redesigning my website - it was good practice for another project I did this summer, the complete redesign of the church website ( http://www.asburymadison.com )


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    Re: Zaderatsky Piano Miniatures

    Great to see you here, Jonathan

    These are very nice MIDI files you found, and your renderings--wow--listen to that! They're not in the Grand Canyon! Love it - sounds great.


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    Re: Zaderatsky Piano Miniatures

    So, here I was tonight with an evening of tedious editing ahead of me (no ears required) so I went into the listening room to see what I could find to help pass the drudgery and there you were, Jon, with another of your remarkable finds. This one is especially impressive. Let's hope Zaderatsky's time has come to get the exposure and recognition he so clearly deserves. My kind of writer! Of course, I'm a notorious sucker for polytonality. Thanks again for your continued efforts at unearthing hidden treasures.


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