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Topic: "Just the basics" library of kits, loops, synth pads & rhythms

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    "Just the basics" library of kits, loops, synth pads & rhythms

    When doing contemporary stuff, I've gotten by with the synth instruments and loops that come with Logic. My problems are:

    - The collection is huge; it's hard to browse for any one particular type of sound.
    - I find the quality to be middling.

    What I'd like is a relatively small, well-organized "go to" collection of contemporary electronic drum kits, grooves, and synth pads/basses/sequenced sounds. I'd prefer a high quality small collection to Logic's giant sprawl. I don't want to have to search through dozens of third-party sets. I also don't need extremely exotic or complex timbres - just a good toolkit for doing basic commercial stuff or occasionally supplementing the orchestra with contemporary timbres.

    So far Kore's sound libraries look promising, and I love the browser. Stylus looks good as well for the groove-related stuff. Does anyone have any opinions on these two, or any other products?


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    Re: "Just the basics" library of kits, loops, synth pads & rhythms

    Hi Mike,

    Stylus RMX Xpanded definitely is a great product to get some great grooves fast. Of course, it's not just a bunch of loops. You can manipulate the grooves by changing the time signature, adjusting the slices that make up the groove, add built in effects and much much more.

    I would also look into Omnisphere as well which is made by Spectrasonics. It has a fantastic browser to navigate through the thousands of patches it contains. This allows you to narrow down exactly what you are looking for and the quality is fantastic.
    Austin Haynes
    Sales and Technical Support

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    Re: "Just the basics" library of kits, loops, synth pads & rhythms

    I would suggest you check out the products of Loopmasters. Their work is amazing, and always inspiring and easy to use. (Moderator- I don't know if I may site that company by the rules, and I hope I don't offend by doing so.)

    Just scroll through the demos and listen to whichever one speaks to the style you are focusing on, and go for it.

    Good luck.


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