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Topic: Timpani samples

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    Timpani samples

    I am writing a new orchestral piece and I\'m using the Advanced Orchestra timpani. I noticed it is a tad bit out of tune. Does anyone know how many cents I can tune it? It might be tuned to A-443. How many cents would I need to retune that sample?

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    Re: Timpani samples

    Hey Thomas,
    Thanks for the reply. I am doing a piece with GOS with advanced orchestra timpani, and the song is in A minor. I just notice when I play a hard low E note on the timpani, it sounds a tad bit out of tune with the strings. The same goes with the other low notes as well (A, C, D, etc.) and it sounds real out of tune when playing the timpani soft.
    There\'s one part of my song where the timpani is matching the bass staccato sounds off GOS and this is where I notice it the most.
    Let me know what you think if you go back and take a listen.

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    Re: Timpani samples

    Damon, you are correct...all the samples are slightly out of tune. Differences are to be expected across the sample due to skin stretching and relaxing, but they can be adjusted to be in tune \"on the average\" by using the Editor to raise/lower the samples. The ff, mf, and p samples I looked at were consistently out of tune (on the average, using FFT analysis) by approx:

    C#2 -39 cents
    A#1 -26 cents
    G1 +22 cents
    E1 +/- 40 cents (this is the worst, every sample of E1 is different)

    The tremolo samples are also out but by different amounts.


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    Re: Timpani samples

    Thanks for the info Neal. I\'m gonna have to tweak out that timpani tonight and get it as close as possible.

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    Re: Timpani samples

    As you know the tuning process of timpanis requires a good ear, and it is usually done prior to the performance of the piece, however it is often required by the percussionist to retune during a performance, and obviously this is hard. The result is usually that the timpanis are slightly out of tune, but nobody seem to care or even notice. Having severly out of tune timpani samples could be a problem of course. I haven\'t tuned my AO timpani yet, so I\'m afraid I can\'t give you any advice, except that you should use your ear, like any percussionist would do. Personally I don\'t like having 100% in tune samples, it would sound almost too perfect How severe did you find the tuning issue with the AO timpani? Perhaps I should go back and tune mine as well. Thanks for sharing your findings.


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