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Topic: canned projects

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    canned projects

    Is it just me, or is are indie games very "hit or miss" when it comes to finding a team ready to finish a project?

    I understand the nature of the medium dictates that some projects will start strong and never finish (due to poor management/commitment/etc.), but it's rather disheartening to have completely scored several games that have been abandoned by the creators.

    Any way around this? I don't dismiss the fact that writing for several projects has helped me become a stronger writer, but it would sure be nice to actually see the end result of my labor sometime.

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    Re: canned projects

    It happens - and not just in indie games. It's happened more than a few times in my career on commercial projects too for whatever reason. Just walk away with the fact that you got something out of it - practice, demo material, experience - whatever.

    Rock on!
    Composer / Sound Designer / Audio Engineer

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    Re: canned projects

    Thanks for the encouragement. I know there's no guarantee that any project will actually finish. Still, I had to vent a little.

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    Re: canned projects

    In my experience it is very rare that an indy team manages to finish a game title. Most of the times they will rather go for a playable demo, and try to get a publisher on their side for the financing. I have seen great demos from very capable teams, with lot's of professional experience, that managed to finish a playable demo (prototype), but still didn't find a publisher. It's a very though market, even for established Game companies. So, yes it's normal. With this said, it happened more than once that a new team develops an unexpected best selling title.

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    Re: canned projects

    Yeah, for me it's all becoming a bit of a numbers game. I now have 5 projects I'm scoring simultaneously (I stay pretty busy). It's a lot of work, and every project is very different from the others, but perhaps one of them will work out in the end.

    Meanwhile, I'm still lining up projects...

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    Re: canned projects

    It's really good practice wait till you have 5 projects you're servicing that are alll commercial and you have legal contracts over your head to deliver on time and with a standard of quality. It's good you're getting that exposure now.
    Composer / Sound Designer / Audio Engineer

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    Re: canned projects

    I accept with information: Most of the times they will rather go for a playable demo, and try to get a publisher on their side for the financing.

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