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Topic: PT 8.0.1 PPC breaks Atmosphere/Trilogy

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    PT 8.0.1 PPC breaks Atmosphere/Trilogy

    With Pro Tools 8.0.1 the appending.dpm trick now does not work on PPC for

    Atmosphere and Trilogy. Any chance of a fix for this.

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    Re: PT 8.0.1 PPC breaks Atmosphere/Trilogy

    ... and MachFive 1.2.3

    please see my post on the DUC:


    The fact that we were just fine through 8.0cs3, but 8.0.1 killed things suggests that Digi engineers did something to force RTAS to be the same across platforms (PPC /Intel). I was hoping to hear something more from Digi besides "the compatibility grid says it is not compatible".

    I am one of the first Spectrasonics customers, ever (Eric will confirm this) and I have no issue upgrading to Omni - however, Trilogy is part of my workflow, and I am not prepared to give it up yet. And MachFive 1.2.3 still works -- and has relatively low cpu usage, and my library for it is solid (most of my old Roland libraries have been optimized for MachFive - I really don't want to reinvent things). And I don't expect Spectrasonics to develop and test for PPC hardware on new products...

    MachFive 2.x is not an option as I work in RTAS.

    I have no expectation of Digi fixing this. I think I will be working in ProTools 8.0cs3 for a couple more months, until Trilogy ships.... and then approach the MachFive issue then...

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    Re: PT 8.0.1 PPC breaks Atmosphere/Trilogy

    Spreading you findings Jeremy. Stylus RMX 1.5 also bust BTW. Does it work for you.

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    Re: PT 8.0.1 PPC breaks Atmosphere/Trilogy

    Confirmed. RMX 1.6 also died w/ PT 8.0.1

    However, RMX 1.8.2d works great.

    Required a re-auth, otherwise just fine. Did not use all features, but can confrim playback, browser, midi drag & drop and mixer all appear to work.

    Discussing this here is not going to help us. I figure we are now end-of-lifed on PPC with PT 8.0cs3

    EVEN IF we replace Atmos with Omni and Trilogy with Trilian, and we replace MachFive with something, we still face a CPU issue with the new plugs.

    Factor in the anticipated EOL of ProTools HD, investing in PCIe hardware of any kind right now is insane.

    My experience tells me that we are sitting on Dinosaurs (PPC) that are about to step in the tar-pits. So -- the best thing for me right now is to keep the rig working through Jan 2010 - stuck at PT 8.0cs3, and then deal with the future in January, when we will probably learn the fate of PTHD. Maybe. I have no first hand info that makes anything I'm saying credible... I've just been around the block for 25+ years in this business.

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    Re: PT 8.0.1 PPC breaks Atmosphere/Trilogy

    Final thought -- I have a very powerful WinXP slave that I use for GS3 -- very low latency and 16 channels of lightpipe back to my 192 -- a short-term solution would be to load these 3 plugs as VSTi on some kind of VSTi host -- then cannibalize the lightpipe outs -- which I really don't want to do since I frequently use all 16 outs of GS3 -- it's not uncommon to use 6 atmos sends and 6-8 outs from MachFive -- add in 1 or 2 from Tril and my routing is now a mess. Buying more PTHD hardware is simply not an option (it is, but there wouldn't be any resale value at this point. 32 hardware inputs should be sufficient, that's why we prefer software routing)

    Another thought is to put Omni and Tril on the WinXP slave and then convert as needed the MachFive to K2 in RTAS (yes, K2 is rock-solid reliable for me in RTAS, K3 has not proven itself yet and I am not even looking at K4 right now). Maybe I'm the dinosaur?

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    Re: PT 8.0.1 PPC breaks Atmosphere/Trilogy


    I think we are both dinosaurs. Dont forget that Atmosphere and Trilogy are only really functioning for us PPC users up till now. I know there is an Intel wrapper but its usefulness is debatable. I am surprised about RMX 1.6 surely this should have worked. Either way back to cs3 for me.

    Totally agree about investing in PCIe. No point now. I will struggle through. The biggest let down for PPC this year has been Omnisphere, computer is
    minimum spec and cant really run it in PT anyway. Pity as it is fantastic If a must have VI plug comes along i might just get an Imac and run it from there or as you have, get an XP box of some sort.


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